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The Bullet
Item Number: TB3450

5 stars


The Bullet

The Bullet

The Mercury Card Fold is one of the deadliest tools in card magic. Like a sniper, it allows the magician to strike without warning.

Todd Lamanske has developed a stealth-like system that will allow you to expertly pull off a perfect Mercury Fold easily and perfectly every single time!

If you're a pro who already does the Mercury Fold...
If you have never done the Mercury Fold before...
If you want to take your card magic to another level..

Comes complete with Bullet tool, Bullet guide and DVD teaching 5 routines with a folded card!

“This thing rocks! I am definitely using the Bullet and you will too!”- Cody Fisher

“Hey, this thing works SLICK! My folds used to look as if I had done them with my feet. They are WAY nicer now.” - Geoff Williams, former crappy Mercury Folder guy

“The Bullet is easy to use and the routines are fantastic! I love it! The Bullet is a winner!” - Shawn Popp

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A while back I reviewed Jon Allen’s Perfect Score. I recently saw The Bullet being advertised, and even though it seemed like a very similar project, I picked up one for review.

In fact, it is similar in the fact that it scores the back of the card, making it easier to perform a mercury card fold. After playing with it. I found that the Bullet was easier and quicker to use than the one manufactured by Jon. I could score the back of the cards almost twice as fast.

Todd also includes several handlings of his favorites tricks utilizing the mercury card fold. They were all interesting, and I have started performing his two card transposition to great results.

As in my original review, I stated that this type of devise allows you to do a mercury card fold perfectly every time, without fumbling. Almost every professional magician performs a trick in which they need to do a mercury card fold. That makes this a very valuable tool.

Either device will help you to improve your card magic. I simply found that the bullet was quicker and easier to use. - Jon Jensen

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