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Under Wraps by Mark Mason
Item Number: TB3854

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5 stars


Under Wraps by Mark Mason

Under Wraps by Mark Mason I set myself a task last year, to make a changing card case that is fully examinable, with no switch etc. It had to be the same box that changed. After many methods and many hours of development work,
"Under Wraps" is my final answer.

Show a card case to the audience; under the cellophane, on the card case, there is a face down card and a face up 3 of Diamonds. You explain the reason for the 3 of Diamonds being on every box, is that this is the card that most spectators select.

A regular deck is removed from the box and the joker is given to the spectator. They slide the joker into the deck, anywhere they like. The card next to the joker will be the selected card. This will be the 3 of Diamonds and will prove why there is a picture of it on the box.

The selected card is revealed ---- it's the 10 of Hearts. They picked the wrong card. The deck is shown, the cards are still in new deck order, the only one missing is the 10 of Hearts. You now instruct the spectator to flip over the box. The card UNDER THE CELLOPHANE is now the 10 OF HEARTS, matching their chosen card.

This is a great piece of close up magic, it resets in seconds, is so easy to do, it's great.

You could actually give the box to the spectator as a souvenir. The deck you can use as your regular deck for any other tricks you love to do.

Comes complete with a regular bicycle card case and two magnetic custom made gimmicks that make this one of those effects you will love to perform.


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I was recently at a bike shop and the owner was wearing a t-shirt that had printed on it, “Please do not ask us for advise on your internet purchase.” Obviously he had the same problem brick and mortar magic shops are having, people are asking shops their expertise, then searching on line for the best price. Just food for thought.

In connection to the above thought, I was recently at The Magic Warehouse, and Greg was demonstrating Mark Mason’s new trick, Under Wraps. I had seen the advertisements for it, but it just didn’t excite me. Until I saw Greg’s demonstration. I immediately bought it and have been performing it ever sense.

The premise is simple, an illustration on the card box changes to that of a selected card. There are a few things I really like about this trick. It is easy to perform. It is organic, using the card box and a regular deck of cards. Finally, it can be examine at the end of the presentation.

For such a simple trick, it gets a great reaction from spectators. There is that “no way” moment when you turn the card box over to reveal the change.

There is a good chance I would have never discovered this cool trick if it wasn’t for going to a brick and mortar magic shop and asking that annoying question, “What’s new?” It would be a shame if these magic shops did the ultimate magic trick and disappeared. - Jon Jensen (Real World Product Reviews)

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