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Ultimate Oil and Water by Anthony Owen
Item Number: TB3868

5 stars


Ultimate Oil and Water by Anthony Owen

Ultimate Oil and Water by Anthony Owen

This is Anthony's acclaimed Oil and Water routine in which red and black cards are repeatedly mixed and magically separate. Finally the magic happens even with the cards face-up!

David Regal said: "about as lovely a sequence as one can imagine, one that creates a deep sensation of magic...I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it first."

Luke Dancy (Criss Angel Mindfreak consultant) said: "If you haven't checked out any of Anthony's material before you should be jumping on it. This creative mofo is the force behind most of the magic that airs on the "telly" in the UK. This Oil and Water is the perfect example of what he is capable of."

Derren Brown said "Anthony's Oil and Water is the cleanest you'll ever see."

Aldo Colombini said "I love Oil and Water routines. Anthony showed his routine to me and I can honestly say that it is direct to the point, magical and entertaining. Few Oil and Water routines can live on that!"

Daryl said "Looks terrific - like real magic!"

Daniel Madison: "This is what all magic should look like... beautiful"

David Berglas said "The best Oil and Water routine I've ever seen."

Marc De Souza said "One of the cleanest, most magical looking handlings for the classic effect I've seen. An entertaining presentation, with an instant reset and no difficult sleights."

Nicholas Einhorn - who performed it in his routine at The Magic Circle Centenary Close-up Show and in his award winning act at FISM in Holland - said "Anthony's Oil and Water routine is one of the fairest looking, most baffling versions I have ever seen or used. It consistently fools and enthrals all who see it whilst building theatrically at every phase. The final revelation is so amazing people go WILD. Frankly I'd prefer it if Anthony kept this one quiet!"

This routine is one of the hits of Anthony's acclaimed convention lecture. For the first time Anthony goes into the full details of his routine PLUS gives you several suggestions, improvements and additional handlings, including some which have never appeared in print or on film before! Comes complete with the special cards necessary for you to master this right away and Anthony even explains how you can make up the cards yourself in the future.

The ON-LINE instructions include:


Running Time Approximately: 29min

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Anthony Owen’s Ultimate Oil & Water has been one of the most popular tricks at The Magic Warehouse. It is not a new trick, in fact it has been around for many years. But one of the regulars has been demonstrating it, and Howard nows can't keep them on the shelves.

When I first saw it performed, it completely fooled me. It is a three phase routine, each phase becoming more impossible. The third phase where the cards are mixed face up completely blew me away.

This version uses trick cards, but it has a very fair look to it. All six cards are shown back and faces several times. You will need to practice it a few times to get the handling and choreography correct, but you will be able to perform it in just a few minutes.

! The oil and water is a classic of magic and you will have to find a routine that fits your performing style, but in my book this is the very best handling for this trick.

! The regulars at the bar I performed this for were completely fooled. They kept calling other regulars over to see the new card trick, and were fooled with each performance.

! If you are like me, looking for the ultimate versions of tricks, I think you will love Ultimate Oil & Water. - Jon Jensen

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