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Moolah Coins by Alex Lourido
Moolah Coins by Alex Lourido
Item Number: TB3968



Moolah Coins by Alex Lourido

From the creator of over 20 popular effects (CAPtivated, Glass Mirage, Butter Coin, Silver Impression) Alex Lourido brings to market his greatest contribution yet! Moolah Coins took 5 years to develop and manufacture and nothing like it exists on the market today. Each mechanical set is beautifully machined by Roy Kueppers and painstakingly assembled by Alex Lourido himself. Moolah Coins works on a new principle that combines two technologies that allow a magician to vanish or produce anywhere from a few coins, to an entire handful of assorted change! And amazingly this visual illusion can be performed with NO sleeves or Topit! Also, these sets are modular so you can add as many coins as you wish, and the coins flow and clink together naturally!

Moolah Coins is the easiest method to produce or vanish gobs of coins in a strikingly visual manner! Every set comes with a free add-on accessory and a stainless steel carrying case! The included DVD is professionally mastered and produced, and teaches 10 beautiful routines and 2 bonus tricks that are favorites of Alex. So if you love visual coin magic, and you have always wanted to cleanly perform with handfuls of change, then look no further than Moolah Coins!

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