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Coin Thru Glass
Coin Thru Glass
Item Number: TB3970

5 stars


Coin Thru Glass

The magician shows the audience a small plate containing a coin. The coin is covered with a solid transparent glass. The performer then removes a coin of a different denomination from his pocket. He pushes the coin through the bottom of the glass and the audience hears and sees the coin appear under the glass.

Everything is examinable.

We here at The Magic Warehouse love this trick. Use your own coins and glass.

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Sometimes it doesn’t take the newest trick or a lot of money to create miracles. The hottest trick at The Magic Warehouse right now is the Coin thru Glass, an old school trick that is a real fooler.

A small metal dish, similar to an old fashion ash tray is shown. A quarter is placed on it and covered with a glass. You take out a dime and vanish it by your favorite method. It instantly appears on the dish under the glass. Everything can be examined.

This was a very popular trick in the 80’s. It has lost favor as magicians search for the newest miracle, but I can guarantee you that it will fool anyone you show it to.

Here is a handling tip that will greatly increase the effectiveness of the trick. Purchase a Dime and Penny trick. Place the dime and penny gimmick in the spectator’s hand, have them make a fist and name one of the coins. Using magician’s choice, the dime vanishes and appears under the glass. A miracle. - Jon Jensen

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