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Esprit 2.0 by Jean Pierre Vallarino
Item Number: TB4218

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5 stars


Esprit 2.0 by Jean Pierre Vallarino

Esprit 2.0 by Jean Pierre Vallarino

An out of bounds trick that won't be easily forgotten and will run from mouth to ear, building your magician or mentalist reputation!

A wallet containing a prediction is handed to a spectator. At this very precise moment there is absolutely no possibility of touching or even changing this prediction.

The spectator is asked to think of the name of any person he wants and to MENTALLY SPELL this name while counting cards from a deck one at a time on the table. The last card will be the last letter of the name thought by the spectator. The selected card is unknown by the spectator and the mentalist.

This card has REALLY BEEN SELECTED BY PURE CHANCE and amazingly... it matches the predicted card.

Spread the cards face up... now imagine the reaction of your audience when you flip the rest of the cards over and spread the cards our on the table. They discover it is just an ordinary deck and will be able to examine the cards. THE ONLY SELECTED CARD MATCHES THE ONLY CARD LEFT ON THE TABLE!

A second unknown routine is included in this DVD: a number is asked to be given from 1 to 52... and matches the prediction! No forcing whatsoever; all cards are left for examination and can be borrowed.

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Twenty years ago I put out a number of books and tricks for the magic market. One of the best selling tricks I produced was called Duo-Tech, a prediction matching tricks which was considered one of the tricks of the year at that time.

Jean-Pierre Vallarino has produced a trick which reminds me of Duo- Tech, but is done in a more elegant manner. In Jean-Pierreā€™s original trick a card is selected, which matches a prediction. The deck is then shown to be blank except for the selected card, and everything can be examined. The blank deck is a shocking climax.

Esprit Plus can be done with a borrowed deck, but without the blank card ending. This routine fooled me and I feel it can be a real miracle. A freely chosen card from a shuffled deck matches a prediction card inside the envelope. This trick can be done with a borrowed deck, but I do not see a reason to do this. I feel the trick is just as powerful with you deck that is examined and shuffled before the performance.

I can see myself performing both routines. In the first, I feel the selection process is a bit muddled, but can be cleaned up with a little routining. The second routine is a very powerful prediction that is amazingly clean and straight forward.

For those of you who purchased Duo-Tech, you can use the wallet instead of the provided notepad when performing the routine. As I said earlier, this is an elegant solution, and was actually the way the trick was first performed when it first came out.

I am a fan of Jean-Pierre Vallarino. I think a little is lost in translation from French to English and you will need to create routine that fits your own personality, but that can probably be said of any trick. - Jon Jensen

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