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Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) by Nicholas Einhorn
Item Number: TB4611

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Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) by Nicholas Einhorn

Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) by Nicholas Einhorn

The Elevated Dice Matrix or E.D.M is a classy visual routine of the highest order. It will also have the added bonus of leaving your magic friends baffled too!

E.D.M sold out in just 48 hours at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2016.

The classic matrix plot just got stronger with the addition of this simple but clever gimmick which allows you to perform the effect with 3/4 inch DICE. Your audience will be convinced there is a dice under each card until the final second. The clever handling and routining is explained in detail and comes beautifully packaged complete with:

N.B. Cards supplied will be red or blue backed. However if you glue a joker from any matching size poker deck to the back of your gimmick it will match your own deck.

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- I have said many times in this review column that if you want a quality trick to perform, the best ones usually come from a professional magicians. This is especially true for products released by Nick Einhorn. I can not think of a single trick he has produced that I didn’t love.

He has recently released to the magic community his version of matrix, this one using dice instead of coins. The use of dice when performing matrix gives the illusion height, a visible element lacking in other matrix routines. The dice, also make it easy to do the basic sleight of hand necessary to perform the trick.

The matrix has been around for a relatively short amount of time in the history of magic, yet has hundreds of variations. I like Nick’s version because it is quick, clean, and very visual. You need to practice a little, but it is easy to do after a few performances. It also packs a punch that will leave your spectators speechless.

Nick includes every thing you need in order to perform this masterpiece. It includes the right dice and a professionally manufactured gimmick, everything is included in the box which is always a welcome relief.

There are downloadable instruction which go step-by-step exactly how to perform the trick, and Nick is a great teacher. I guess I am old-fashioned and wish they had included a DVD, but I had no problem downloading the instructions. I will soon have to put my DVD player in storage next to my 8- track player.

Once again, this is a great trick. You cant go wrong with anything from Nick Einhorn. - Jon Jensen

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