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Kainoa on Coins - Inferential (DVD and Gimmicks)
Item Number: TB5035

5 stars


Kainoa on Coins - Inferential (DVD and Gimmicks)

Kainoa on Coins - Inferential (DVD and Gimmicks)

The Kainoa on Coins series brings you the best sleight-of-hand instruction from the Big Kahuna of Coins, Kainoa Harbottle.

Inferential teaches three easy-to-perform copper/silver effects from the modern masters of coin magic: Kainoa, Curtis Kam, and Miguel Angel Gea. Inferential takes a casual technique to the professional level. Whether you perform in intimate settings or for large groups, this DVD has something for all.

Inferential Copper/Silver

This is the easiest and clearest version of the copper/silver transposition you can present. With the coins provided and some pocket change, Kainoa teaches you Curtis Kam's incredibly devious transposition of two coins in spectators' hands, without any complicated sleight of hand.

Inferential Wild Coin

Kainoa shares his version of Miguel Angel Gea's wonderfully interactive routine, where four copper coins change into silver and then all revert back again in the spectator's hands.

Standing Inferential

Kainoa provides you with a close-up or stand-up routine that uses the "inferential" concept at the fingertips; letting you recreate some of the best effects in coin magic with the simplest of methods.

Copper/silver set included.

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I don't usually write reviews as my opinions may not apply to the experiences of others- but this was a beauty. I would kvetch about re-releasing something that has been published before- but I would have never known if they had not brought it up immediately. That said, the DVD is well done and teaches the concepts well- possibly better that written would be able to do. The concept is subtle, understated and much more effective than I expected- I have used it several times and I absolutely love the use of assumption to mess with minds. FULL REVIEW

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