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Mystery Triangle

Mystery Triangle
Item Number: TY5076



Mystery Triangle

A penetration frame like you've never seen before. A transparent panel is clearly locked inside of a triangular-shaped frame. The magician covers the center of the panel with a piece of paper, and then ...smoothly penetrates the panel with a solid pencil! Upon removing the pencil, the audience is immediately allowed to examine the props, but there is clearly no hole in the panel - none at all!

You'll think your eyes are playing tricks on you when you see a solid pencil pass freely through the solid triangular panel. You can hand the props out for thorough examination both before and after your performance. Nothing unusual will be found, thanks to a diabolical locking mechanism. Even if you know how the traditional penetration frame works, it's impossible to discover where the hole comes from, and where it goes! This newly designed prop has baffled every magician who's seen it.

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