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Origami Tube

Origami Tube
Item Number: TY5078



Origami Tube

The magician inserts a dollar bill into the Origami Tube. Seconds later, both the bill and the tube shrink in size in a mysterious and inexplicable way. The magician inserts four solid cards into the middle of the tube - where the bill's center is supposed to be. However, the cards completely slice through the tube. It appears that the bill must have been cut in half. However, after removing the cards, the magician removes the dollar bill - completely unharmed and intact.

This is one of the most unusual and mysterious money magic tricks we have ever released. The prop looks like a miniature stage illusion, and enables you to shrink, cut and restore a borrowed bill. Completely angle-proof and amazingly easy to perform, you'll wonder yourself how the bill could possibly be folded inside. A real fooler that puzzles and delights audiences.

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