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Happie Amp with Microphone
Happie Amp with Microphone

This unit includes 1 handheld wireless mic. (Great for audience Q&A)

Happie Amp 2.0 is a 50 watt max., portable, wireless, 5 pound pa system for audiences of up to 400 people indoors or 200 people outside.

Tech Specs:

  • 50Watts Portable PA System
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Supply:...

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  • Close-Up Case Pro - Aluminum
    Close-Up Case Pro - Aluminum
    Was $50.00   Now $25.00

    This case was created for the close-up professional.

    Its size, 7” X 11” (inside dim.) is perfect for holding an entire close-up show.

    The case comes with “Pick N Pluck” foam giving you the freedom to design the compartments that will hold your show.

    This case can accommodate...

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    Flying Silk Unit
    Flying Silk Unit

    You will make silk handkerchiefs, streamers, and other objects fly around the room like magic! Power Reel pulls in up to 27 yards of thread.

    just palm the Power Reel in your hand and you're ready to go.

    All included: Motorized Power Reel + .23A, 12V battery, and silk

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    Web Spinner
    Web Spinner

    Spin a Web, Anytime. Catch Applause, Gasps and Sighs with...

    Amazing JoeJoe's Web Spinner
    The All-In-One Thread Device
    Presented by Steve Fearson

    If you've been waiting for the gimmick that would take the fear out of invisible thread work and get you floating stuff NOW... look no further...

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    Ultimate Snowstorm REFILL
    Ultimate Snowstorm REFILL


    A strip or page of tissue is torn and submerged in a container of water. The soggy paper is retrieved from the container and the water is squeezed from the bundle. A folding fan is waved at the bundle and a snowstorm of paper erupts from the performer's hand.

    This illusion is small enough to fit in...

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    iPhone for FUN by Cesar Alonso
    iPhone for FUN by Cesar Alonso

    The dummy iPhone 4 has exactly the same look and feel as the real iPhone 4. It is available in white and black. Put it next to a real iPhone and you cannot tell the difference other than the weight (it is very light)- a perfect iPhone 4 look-a-like allowing many great gags.

    All buttons respond like "normal" buttons. The background...

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    Latex Hand
    Latex Hand

    Exact replica of a real live hand. New model with independent fingers, so it looks very real. You can put your fingers in it to move them independently. It has a hook shaped accessory that improves the gripping and fixing to different objects and sticks of various sizes. Because of being constructed in latex enriched with antioxidant products,...

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    Latex Sausages
    Latex Sausages

    String of four Spanish sausages. Easy to hide in one hand. Thought specially for comedy acts or magic for kids. Think of it, pulling out from the inside one spectator’s coat, a long string of Spanish Sausages! Or imagine putting on the long hat to a child, and then making appear the sausages from inside of it! Tons of funny effects...

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    Latex Shovel
    Latex Shovel

    You will receive a full routine that can be presented in different ways, spoken or musical routine and comedy or serious presentation.

    A possibility of presentation is shown in the demonstration video (comedy magic): you show a paper bag, explaining that on the inside, there is a tool from a hardware shop as a prediction....

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    Latex Walnut
    Latex Walnut

    You will receive two 100% latex nuts to make incredible transpositions, appearances and disappearances. One of the nuts has a powerful neodymium magnet inside. Thus, using a PK ring (not included) or using a simple small piece of metal (included) attached to the inner base of a cup, you can create a real miracle.

    Ideal for...

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    Impossible Bottle - Rodney Eng
    Impossible Bottle - Rodney Eng

    Rodney Eng is a master at "impossible Bottles". Each piece is unique and how he does it remains a mystery.

    This particular bottle stands over 9 inches tall. Inside the bottle is a pack of cards that is secured by both a padlock and a nut and bolt. The bottle is sealed wood stopper that is secured from the inside of the bottle....

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    Blower Gimmick
    Blower Gimmick

    Note: requires CO2 cartridge (not included)

    Inflate a balloon in your hands or with your ear!

    The ideal entrance magic effect for a balloon routine.

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    Sherpa Limited Edition "Year of the Dragon" PEN
    Sherpa Limited Edition "Year of the Dragon" PEN

    The Sherpas are a well known community that have helped make history by guiding several adventure seekers to the top of Mt. Everest. Sherpas have the unique ability to withstand high altitudes and its effects. This community has acclimated itself throughout the years to the unusual conditions that occur while climbing a massive mountain....

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    Reelectric 23 A by Cerebro Magico
    Reelectric 23 A by Cerebro Magico

    The magician can send away and recall a handkerchief or similar object.

    This accessory is a reel with 15 meters of thread, which runs on 2 AAA batteries. Its size and design allow splicing...

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    Vectra X2 Stage Line
    Vectra X2 Stage Line

    Incredibly strong yet remarkably hard to detect, Vectra X2 Stage Line is some of the most usefull thread you'll ever own. Don't be fooled by the name. Even if you've never set foot on a stage you're bound to find a use for this amazing and versatile thread!

    X2 is a very strong, dead black monofilament that...

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    Reality Thumbtip
    Reality Thumbtip

    The color and design of this thumb looks are as realsitic as you can get.

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    Star Storm by Alan Wong - Trick
    Star Storm by Alan Wong - Trick

    Perfect for your "Snow Storm in China" routine. Also can be used with any of the snow storm cannons.

    Contains 12 multi-colored star storm packets.

    Instructions not included.

    Packet Dimensions Approximately 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" (3.8cm x 4.5cm)

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    Rainbow Snowstorm by Alan Wong
    Rainbow Snowstorm by Alan Wong

    Perfect for your "Snow Storm in China" routine.

    Also can be used with any of the snow storm cannons.

    Each package contains 12 snow storms

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    Thimble Gold - Vernet
    Thimble Gold - Vernet

    This is a set of eight special Gold Thimbles. With them you can perform vanishes, penetrations and, of course, productions. The Vernet Gold Magic Thimbles are specially designed and consist in pairs of thimbles nested one inside the other. With this set you can perform special routines and moves and also the classic routines describe in...

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    Tango Ultimate Reel
    Tango Ultimate Reel

    Throughout the years top quality reels have been expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Marcelo Insua a.k.a Mr. Tango has worked for years to examine the best attributes...

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    Spider Confetti Cannon by Tango
    Spider Confetti Cannon by Tango

    If you are looking for a great finale for your show, if you want to add a great effect, only using a small piece of flash cotton, 100 % safe, you need a Spider Fire Cannon !!

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