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Rope Magic

Rope Magic -  Magic City Volume 1
Rope Magic - Magic City Volume 1

This 36 page softbound book is great for beginners. It covers the basics such as the right rope to use; care of the rope, etc. as well as rope stunts, tricks and routines. Illustrated.

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Ramsay Tasselled Rope trick booklet by Andrew Galloway
Ramsay Tasselled Rope trick booklet by Andrew Galloway

A length of rope which has a red tassel on one end and and a blue tassel on the other, is cut and restored.

This long lost Ramsay classic is a must for any rope routine.

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Professors Nightmare The Awakening
Professors Nightmare The Awakening

by Ron Dayton

The Professor's Nightmare- Everyone knows it and does it, and audiences STILL love it. One of the biggest challenges is finding a presentation that is both unique and interesting, particularly when you know of other performer's in your market using the same old patter.

Enter Ron Dayton and...

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Sandsational - George Sands
Sandsational - George Sands

Routine #1: Sandsational Rope
17 pages / 32 Illustrations
Average performance time: 4-1/2 minutes
Written and Illustrated by George Sands
Of all the magic published by George Sands, Sandational Rope is the one that established his greatest reputation. Originally written before WWII, this routine remains...

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Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks - Abbotts
Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks - Abbotts

If you like to do rope tricks - this book is definitely a must for your library! Steward James has compiled a fantastic array of every feat imaginable with ropes. Chapters include: Knots, Penetrations, Cut and Restored Card, Miscellaneous Rope Tricks and a special chapter on the famous Hindbo Rope Trick. All of the famous magicians have...

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Award Winning Rope Magic
Award Winning Rope Magic

Master one great rope trick and you will have a piece of magical entertainment that will serve you well for the rest of your life under almost any performing conditions. Rope Magic is the ultimate "packs small, plays big" effect. In The Award-Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary, not only will you learn the rope routine that won him the...

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Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks - James
Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks - James

An essential title for every magician, The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is the only book of its kind.

Magical genius Stewart James, over the course of 40+ years, compiled three volumes of the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. Now, for the first time, these classic works have been collected, newly edited, and combined in a single hardbound...

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Self-Working Rope Magic
Self-Working Rope Magic

Novice magicians as well as veterans can learn these foolproof tricks quicky and easily. Over 400 illustrations along with detailed instructions.

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