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Tricks: New Magic

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The Vault - ACMTO by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD


"It's a good trick. Very, very good. I would use that!"
- Banachek

"This is a very clean and very direct Think a Card. Molim has thought of everything to make this play as directly as possible. The spectator thinks of a card and you dramatically reveal what it is! It's exactly what Think a Card should...


Sharpie thru Quarter (1 Side) by Tango


A new concept to replace the traditional Cigarette thru coin.
The sharpie gives you many easier options to perform this classic solid-thru-solid routine.

As always Tango Magic make this coin in the best quality and includes a tutorial video to show you the new handling.

Don't smoke, use Sharpie Thru Coin.



Triple TUC (Tango Ultimate Coin) Tricolor with Online Instructions by Tango


Triple TUC Tricolor: Copper, Silver and Chinese coins

Mr. Tango introduces a new variation of his award winning coin: TUC.

Three One dollar size coins in just one coin. You can make appear and disappear in a very easy way one Copper coin, one Ike coin and one Chinese coin. The TUC coin was awarded FISM...


Tyvek Comedy Card Jumbo by Alan Wong


A very commercial always ready three phase comedy card prediction routine, that packs flat and unfolds big, in durable Tyvek material.

This can be your ice-breaking opening effect, an intermission trick for MC or your life-saving back up trick for the unexpected moment!

You show a large A4 size clear plastic laminated card...


BCA Green (Half Brick Set) Playing Cards


Printed in 2019 to Celebrate the Victory of CCC Champion LARS MAYRAND

  • 54 Traditional Casino-Style Playing Cards
  • Available in GREEN on USPCC's Crushed Premium Stock
  • Thick Borders w/ BLACK Trim
  • Simplified Court Cards
  • Shoebox-inspired Tuck Case
  • 2500 decks available for purchase
  • Embossed Half Brick Boxes Available
  • All...

    Gravity Card by Salvador Olivera video DOWNLOAD


    A freely chosen card floats in the air, another card is passed underneath the floating card to show that there is no support, then the card can be examined and the whole deck is shown on both sides.

    Download now!


    Dancers Thumbs by Hugo Valenzuela


    Fun, visual and original!

    Three words that describe the effect.

    Hugo Valenzuela winner of two FISM awards presents "Dancers Thumbs"

    Select a music from your smartphone.

    Paste a different color or shape on your thumbs.

    You will remove your jacket and show it from both sides.

    Hold your jacket...


    Entering Balloon YELLOW (160cm - 80inches) by JL Magic


    The Entering Balloon or Giant Balloon measures 86 inches (160cm) when ventilated. It can be used in presentation for any age, when you enter the balloon you can act according to your wishes, you can dance, Jump walk. in easy way.

    It is good to use with music and you will be follow by music.


    Osmosilk by Quique Marduk


    Based on an idea by Tang Ho Chuang and Fantasio, Quique Marduk introduces OSMOSILK, the most visual "Silk through Glass" effect.

    A regular silk penetrates the solid bottom of a borrowed transparent glass in full view. You even can see the silk passing thru the glass!

    At the end, EVERYTHING can be examined by the spectators,...




    CIGARETTE REFILL is a very visual way to make empty cigarette packs into contents again, can be done anywhere and anytime because the method is very simple. (imagine how magical it's from the empty wrapper to the contents again)

    A very detailed tutorial on how to make gimmicks and materials is very easy to get.



    Card Chosen Through The Window by Salvador Olivera video DOWNLOAD


    A card chosen by a spectator is torn from a corner for later identification, this card is lost in the center of the deck, and this is stored in its case,behind the window you can see a wide piece of colored tape, the case where the card has been kept is passed through the window and miraculously you can see a card that is missing a piece...


    Extrasensory Perception 2 by Salvador Olivera video DOWNLOAD


    Extrasensory Perception 2 is an ingenious gimmick that does all the work for you, you write on the board before the symbol is thought of, once the prediction is written the chalk is left and nothing else is written, the ingenious mechanism is activated imperceptibly you only have to dedicate yourself to the presentation, remember...


    The Compartment by Mayank Shekhar video DOWNLOAD


    Imagine vanishing an object beneath a playing card without any funky sleight of hand moves and END CLEAN.

    It is simpler and fairer as it gets. You simply just place an object under a playing card, and it's immediately GONE.


    You show just a playing card and place it down, your hand is undeniably empty,...


    EVERYDAY MAGIC KIT by Julio Montoro


    Are you looking for the best magic for your social media? This is your new Everyday Magic Kit!

    Julio Montoro is well known for posting amazing visual videos on his social media. Now he is releasing his versions of some of his most famous effects from his Instagram and TikTok. You will receive 6 amazing effects that...


    Gamble by Steve Cook & Kaymar Magic



    Note that The Gamble now comes with a new and more commercial wallet style, than shown in the video.

    Gamble is a new and exclusive trick from Kaymar favorite Steve Cook - an updated version of Psycho Dice (one of our best ever selling tricks) that makes a classic effect even better!...


    Joker Tube and Box (Large) by Mr. Magic


    The magician draws attention to an opaque tube resting on a black base.

    There are three balls (red,yellow & green from the top) printed on the front side of the tube. After lifting this opaque tube he reveals that another tube is still resting on the stand. This tube is smaller & transparent containing three plastic balls resembling...


    Kane`s Variant by Peter Kane & Kaymar Magic


    Kane's Variant is our first re-issue of Peter Kane's amazing material, and it's a 20 page booklet that features a completely baffling principle and several original routines using it!


    Check out the video for a straight...


    Sun and Moon Mystery by Mr. Magic


    The performer shows a cutout of cloud. The door of the cloud is opened and a disc representing sun/ moon is found. The performer then displays an empty double compartment case, with two cloud painted doors on front. The sun is removed from the cutout and placed inside one compartment of the case. The doors are closed. The case is tilted,...


    Juan Tamariz - Magic From My Heart - video DOWNLOAD


    The collection you've been waiting for - from no other than Juan Tamariz!

    Appropriately named, Juan Tamariz -- Magic From My Heart shows us why Juan Tamariz is considered to be the greatest magician in the world. He cares about all nuances he's purposely placed into each move, to achieve audience reactions that go...





    Imagine a gift box with multiple activities for the spectator to choose that allows you to predict a surreal experience that will be unique and unrepeatable!

    DREAMBOX allows you to predict with a PRINTED VOUCHER a surreal experience chosen by one or more spectators.



    Deluxe Titanic Tarot Cards (Wood Box and Boarding Pass)


    A Titanic inspired tarot deck designed to symbolically finish the voyage that started over a hundred years ago.

    With this deck you'll receive 78 custom illustrated cards. The cards will be 70mm x 120mm and printed on 350gsm premium stock.

    All decks will come with a 100 page booklet that is packed into a two piece rigid...


    Titanic Tarot Cards


    A Titanic inspired tarot deck designed to symbolically finish the voyage that started over a hundred years ago.

    With this deck you'll receive 78 custom illustrated cards. The cards will be 70mm x 120mm and printed on 350gsm premium stock.

    All decks will come with a 100 page booklet that is packed into a two piece rigid...


    The Stretching Queen by Peter Kane, Racherbaumer, Castilon and Johnson


    Effect by Peter Kane

    Routine by Jon Racherbaumer, Gene Castillon, and Marvin Johnson

    This is a beautifully clean handling to Peter Kane's brilliant Elongated Lady effect.

    You begin by removing three cards from your deck. The Queen of Hearts and the two black nines. All the cards are cleanly shown as you place the...


    11th Hour Playing Cards


    11th Hour Playing Cards are a perfect collaboration and melding of the minds of Emilysleights52 and Bill Davis Magic. This deck of playing cards represents the limited time we all have left and what we intend to do with it. With Emily's vision of time running out and Bill's fascination with the time 11:11, they created this...


    P Case by Bocopo Magic & Silver Wing

    Like a parallel universe, P-Case creates a parallel space in a normal card case. With this space, you can create endless possibilities. Like Schrodinger's cat, you never know what will happen until you open the case.

    8 routines with the P-Case:

    • Appearing deck
    • Deck duplication or into similar objects
    • 5...


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