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(CO1084) Okito Box $25.00|(CO1085) Plug Box $15.00|(CO1086) Slot Box $29.00|(CO1083) Boston Box $27.00|(CO2061) Magnetic Okito Box $30.00

Buddha Box

Buddha Box
Item Number: CO1084


Buddha Box

The Buddha Okito Box is a standard Okito Box, except for its exterior. It's been designed for the individual who wants a coin box that's more than the standard 'pill box' design. This attractive box has a belly side to facilitate turnover moves. For those whom are familiar with Okito Boxes, you don't need to put your finger tip underneath the bottom edge of the box for it to flip over. The box can be flipped with your fingers on the sides of the box. In addition, the inside radius on the top and bottom rings on the box facilitate turnover moves on a table. Includes instructions on standard moves, routines and ideas for your Okito box!
The Plug Box looks like a regular Buddha box but it is solid all the way through. It can beslipped in at the end of your routines to add a little more mystery.
The Sucker Box isn't quite large enough for the coins to fit in. Slip this in at the endof your routine and ask a spectator to put the coins away. It can't be done!
The Slot Box will keep a coin hidden inside even after the box is turned over. Many great routines are possible using this specialty box and detailed instructions are included.The Boston Box has a recessed bottom that will hold a coin. This gives the appearance of a box full of coins.

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