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Psypher 2.0 by Robert Smith, Magic , $40.00, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Psypher 2.0 by Robert Smith
Item Number: DA5823



Psypher 2.0 by Robert Smith

Psypher 2.0 by Robert Smith

Robert Smith and Paper Crane Magic proudly present Psypher. Psypher is the highly acclaimed product, Universal Impression, but bigger, better and stronger. Imagine knowing what anyone is thinking at anytime. ANY word, picture, card, or thought is written by a spectator and you know what it is, without ever coming near them!

Here's what you get:
-More material
-More options, a larger gimmick for you to work with. (Twice as much as the original UI)
-Stronger gimmick -Custom made to work 20% better than the original.
-A business card wallet Most peek wallets cost twice the amount of this entire package alone.

You're getting one free... and guess what? This blows any peek wallet out of the water! Why? Because you never touch the business card after they write on it.

Plus - Three additional routines, psychology, performance tips, peeks and more!! Let's face it, this isn't just a DVD or just a Gimmick, this is an entire MENTALISM KIT with endless possibilities.

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