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Ghost Bills by Andrew Mayne

Ghost Bills by Andrew Mayne
Item Number: DV9888



Ghost Bills by Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne presents an incredible visual close-up illusion that can be performed anytime using two borrowed bills.

Phase One:
The magician borrows two bills from a spectator. The bills are folded, and one bill is placed inside of the other. The bills are then caused to visually pass through one another.

Phase Two:
One bill is placed on top of the other bill. The bill on the bottom jumps to the middle of the folded bill on top.

Phase Three:
The spectator holds on to the ends of a folded bill, with the other bill cradled inside. The magician pulls the bill through the spectator�s bill, just inches in front of their eyes.

Ghostbills is a stunning effect that will leave your audience floored. It�s perfect for close-up, tableside and parlor performances. This 24 minute DVD shows you step-by-step how to perform the effect. You�ll quickly have the effect mastered and soon be stunning your own audiences.

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