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Chaos by Menny Lindenfeld, Magic , $45.00, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Chaos by Menny Lindenfeld

Chaos by Menny Lindenfeld
Item Number: FL2962



Chaos by Menny Lindenfeld

The performer places a large board on the table. The board is scattered with hundreds of different numbers and letters, each printed in a random orientation. The performer shows a plastic container with a large hole in the center and a prediction inside. The prediction is removed and placed aside.

The performer slowly passes the empty container above the board, to show random numbers and letters through the hole. A spectatator is asked to stop the performer at will, and when he does, the performer drops the envelope onto the board.

A random combination of numbers and letters shows through the hole. Had the envelope been dropped half an inch away, the combination would have been completely different.

Finally, the prediction is revealed's an exact match! The same letters and numbers are visible though the hole, with the exact same orientation of each mark!

Comes complete with the elegant presentation board, plastic envelope, clever self-contained gimmick and illustrated instructions with bonus routines.

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