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Chick Pan - Viking

Chick Pan - Viking
Item Number: LB1125



Chick Pan - Viking

The classic design and low-profile pan makes this a real professional prop. Made of polished stainless steel, it will not warp or bend, nor will it 'lock up' like some of the aluminum models. Our Pans will last you a lifetime. Basic Effect: A small metal chaffing dish is shown and various ingredients are placed inside. The contents are accidentally set ablaze and the lid hastily replaced to extinguish the flames. The performer makes thing right as he gestures toward the Pan and removing the lid, reveals a real live baby chick!

The Pan can be used to produce any number of items from silk hanks, candy, toys, to a real live animal.

Finest quality for professional use. Pan is 5" in diameter

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EXCELLENT. I use it since 8 years, it shines like in its first days. Highly recommended. What I do? Simple: I change a silver half dollar into a gold half dollar in my hand than put it in the pan and ask to a young boy if he wants bigger gold dollars, the answer is always "yes". I open the lid to show and serve big gold foiled Starbucks chocolates. - Selim Basarir, M. D.

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