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Sidewalk Shuffle Redone, Magic , $18.00, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Sidewalk Shuffle Redone

Sidewalk Shuffle Redone
Item Number: LP2634



Sidewalk Shuffle Redone

A Martin Lewis classic (how many magicians first learned of Martin Lewis, in fact) has been streamlined for an even greater impact, with three phases and an incredible surprise climax.

The magician displays three blank (3.5" by 5") cards along with an Ace.

One of the blank cards is placed aside and a "three card monte" is performed with the remaining two blank cards and the Ace. The spectators can never find the Ace, but no wonder...the magician reveals that all three of the cards in his hands are blank and it was the Ace that was placed aside! This is repeated once more and on the third time when the spectators are asked to guess where the Ace is they'll of course say that it's on the table...but now the card on the table is shown to be blank, and the three cards in the magician's hands are all shown to be Aces!

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