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Patterns In A Rainbow - Knepper*, Magic , $7.50, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Patterns In A Rainbow - Knepper

Patterns In A Rainbow - Knepper
Item Number: LP4010

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Patterns In A Rainbow - Knepper

Kenton's popular effect from Miraculous Ploys now WITH REQUIRED SPECIAL DECK and new booklet-style instruction.
Kenton does an incredible "Kentonism" routine with a unique deck of cards.
Effect: Kenton shows a funky-style art deck with wildly different back designs. He removes two cards from the deck and turns them face up. Kenton slowly deals cards face down into a spectator's hand until she calls out stop. One of Kenton's cards is placed face up exactly where the spectator has stopped. This is repeated with a second card and spectator.

enton explains that while the audience is conscious of the different back designs, only one or two may have truly caught the eye. ?We say that all art is subjective. But ask any psychologist, and they will tell you how color and form are used to influence people... I'll prove it?.The audience is intrigued. ?You will recall I flashed the backs of two cards before you made your choices. These patterns and colors sunk deep into your subconscious mind."

The chosen cards are turned over, and the truth exposed. Each pair selected is a matching pattern on the back! The spectators turn the cards in their hands faces up. Each spectator has chosen a matching pair on the faces as well.

The deck is spread face up. The entire deck is the Queen of Spades, save for the cards chosen by the spectators!

See what I mean?.Your choices are not your own. says Kenton with a sly smile.

This trick knocks lay audiences off their feet. It appears for all the world to be true suggestion and subliminal influence. Yet it is easy to perform with no sleight of hand required. The deck may be examined.

Audiences love the "Kentonism" approach of seeming mindreading, suggestion and apparent psychological influence. This is a perfect example - and a version in which you CANNOT fail.

Comes complete with instructions and special deck.

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