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Flying Ring

Flying Ring
Item Number: SP1921



Flying Ring

From Gaetan Bloom comes the most baffling and practical version of The Flying Ring .A leather key case is handed to a spectator. They can clearly see there is nothing on the key ring. The spectator is asked to close the case and hold it tightly in his hand. A ring is then borrowed and placed in your closed fist. Your hand is opened but the ring is gone! The key case is taken from the spectator's hand and lightly shaken for everyone to hear thatthere's something inside. The case is opened and turned upside down. Theborrowed ring is now dangling on the key ring!

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I just recently purchased this effect and I absolutely recommend it to any performer looking to make an impression. The best part is that the spectator can hold the key case before the ring appears inside. This is the best ring flight I've ever seen! - Matthew Diaz

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