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Entrapment Gold II

Entrapment Gold II
Item Number: SP3489



Entrapment Gold II

This exciting two-phased routine is a collaboration between Peter Nardi, Mozique and the amazing Rob Bromley.

This is the best selling Entrapment Gold taken to a new level!

Two picture cards are shown and placed face up on the table. A card is freely chosen from a face-up deck, signed and placed between the two kings. With a snap of the fingers the chosen signed card vanishes from between the kings and is now face down in the middle of the face up deck!

Phase Two
The two picture cards are once again placed face-up on the table. The signed card is now shown going into the middle of the deck. The deck is squared and cut . The picture cards are now fanned to show a face-down card between them, your spectator removes the card himself and yes it the signed selection!

This can be used as a stand alone effect or as a great addition to the Ambitious card routine.

Comes complete with the excellent Entrapment Gold Gimmick.

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