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Lily the LadyBird

Lily the LadyBird
Item Number: TA4859



Lily the LadyBird

The magician introduces his friend Lilly, the ladybird. The children see a large, colourful flat figure, 14 inches high and 10 inches wide, which can be seen even on a large stage.

"What do you think, how old is Lilly?" Immediately the children shout “four”, because they can see that Lilly has four spots. This starts off a jolly game in which the spots change all the time.

First of all there are four spots on one side and two on the other. Then there are six and three. Suddenly one of them has disappeared and there are only five.

All the children are looking for the lost sixth spot. Finally the children pretend to throw this spot to Lilly. What a surprise! Since so many children have thrown a spot, Lilly now has at least 20 SPOTS! You might think that the trick is now finished, but no – the new spots that have just APPEARED & TURN SILVER!

Boretti has thoroughly revised the old points card and created a completely new game. The previous “you’ve been fooled” effect has been done away with so there is no disappointment on the part of the children. NO Strings, N0 Magnets! Easy to transport! Suitable for all ages!

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