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(TA5689) Oak $60.00|(TA5047) Deluxe $85.00

Always A Winner

Always A Winner
Item Number: TA5047


Always A Winner

Six stainless steel cups, which are numbered (by dice) from one to six, are shown on a beautiful Oak hand stained platform. In each cup, an amount of cash is placed. This can be a $100 bill, and five smaller bills or coins.

Five spectators are picked from the audience. One by one they are asked to roll a die. They are told that whatever number they roll, they will get what is under that cup. For example: If a two is thrown on the die, the number two cup is lifted up and they get that prize. It is further explained that you will get the last cup.

As each cup is lifted the spectator is given the "small" prize. The magi will always be left the "big winner!" This is self working and everything is examinable at the beginning and end of the effect.

Made from oak and hand stained! Really a piece of work!

The board measures about 8.5" X 14" at the thickest points.

The deluxe version is made with light and dark wood inlays. Both versions are very nice the deluxe is a piece of art.

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