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Gambler by Julien Labigne
Item Number: TA6389



Gambler by Julien Labigne

Gambler by Julien Labigne

You're looking for a original mentalism routine you can really add to your repertoire? Gambler is the one you need...

From the professional stuff of Julien Labigne, Gambler has been performed during Julien's show, 4 secrets. Now it's time for you to also perform this miracle.

You introduce a box containing several gambling items like a die, 2 chips and a deck of 52 playing cards.

First, the spectator has to make a choice between the 2 chips. 500 or 1,000... One he gives you, one he keeps for him.

Then, the spectator chooses a number on the die, ANY number. The die is perfectly genuine, and the spectator really chooses the number he wants.

Finally, you show all the cards and put them one by one face down on the table. The spectator stops you when he wants.

One choice out of 2, One choice out of 6, One choice out of 52.

That makesĀ 624 possibilities to get the right combination. You reveal your prediction, that perfectly matches with all the decisions made by the spectator!

What you get in the box

All the props are delivered in a beautiful packaging.

Strong pointsThe routine i souls Have liked to produce...
Jean Luc Bertrand

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