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Psychic Money - Tenyo, Magic , $25.00, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Psychic Money - Tenyo
Item Number: TA7053



Psychic Money - Tenyo

Psychic Money - Tenyo

In this supernatural effect, you show that you have the power to move a bill with the power of your mind. The gimmick is cleverly hidden, making it appear as if you are using nothing more than ordinary household items.

1. Borrow a bill from your spectator, and balance it on the pencil tip. Hold your hands near the bill, and it will start to rotate.
2. You can control the bill without touching it, causing it to stop, or even rotate in the opposite direction.
3. In a second presentation, you can make the bill adhere to, and drop away from the pencil tip completely at your command.

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