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Professional Linking Rings 5 inch
Item Number: TA7259



Professional Linking Rings 5 inch

Professional Linking Rings 5 inch

The classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection by Magic Makers in this complete 8 ring set. The seams in rings are almost impossible to find...

These professional grade linking rings are high polished in stainless steel.

They shine beautifully and make perfect chimes when used in performance.

Included with this ultimate set of linking rings is a step by step teaching DVD on your journey into the Linking Rings. Learn more than 30 Tricks, Tips & Moves from a professional magician on the included DVD!

Here are the contents on this instructional magic DVD by Magic Makers:
2 Linking Rings, Rub Link, Rub Link Explained, Wave Link, Wave Link Explained, Twisting Link, Twisting Link Explained, Crash Link, Crash Link Explained, Silent Link, Silent Unlink Explained, Thru the Hole Unlink, Aerial Crash Link, Aerial Crash Explained, Spinning Unlink Explained, Ricochet Link, Finger Spin Link, Finger Spin Link Explained, How to Show the Key Ring, Moves using 3 Linking Rings, 3 Ring Crash Link, Melt Thru Link, Melt Thru Explained, Change Over, Up and Down the Arm Link, Up and Down the Arm Explained, Over the Top Unlink, Drop Down the Arm Link, Drop Down the Arm Explained, 4 Linking Rings Performance, 4 Linking Rings Explanation, Count 4 Rings, 4 Ring Thru the Hole Unlink 4 Ring Finger Spin Link, 4 Ring Janitor Keys, 4 Ring Unlinking, 6 Ring Routine, 6 Ring Explanation, Drop Count, Garden Seat, Globe, Blooming Rose, Venus Fly Trap, 6 Ring Together, 6 Ring Unlinked, 8 Ring Explanation, Super Spinner, 8 Ring Crash Link, Up the Arm, 8 Ring all Linked Together, 8 Ring Unlinked

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Perfect, I like it, even you can perform ninja ring or messado ring routine. - Ilkay Tercan

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