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Key Card Mystery by Merlins, Magic , $28.00, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Key Card Mystery by Merlins

Key Card Mystery by Merlins
Item Number: TA7893



Key Card Mystery by Merlins

The spectator freely selects ANY card (no force), signs it and returns it to the pack. You now explain that a magician uses many ways to locate a card in the deck, and you will now show them the most popular. This method is called the 'Key Card Principle', You explain that one of the cards is very subtly marked. You now fan through the deck and appear shocked to find a card with a shinny key printed on the back! This is shown to be the spectators signed card. You now take the card, and 'pluck' the printed key from the back, only for it to change into a SOLID METAL KEY ! You place the key on the table, and give the spectator the signed card as a souvenir! Very easy to do. Comes with sapecial deck and gimmick.Includes instructional DVD

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