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Hydro by Diamond Jim Tyler, Magic , $6.00, The Magic Warehouse headings

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Hydro by Diamond Jim Tyler

Hydro by Diamond Jim Tyler
Item Number: TA8749



Hydro by Diamond Jim Tyler

Imagine borrowing an open bottle full of liquid (water, soda, beer, etc.) and placing your hand over the opening. Once the bottle is turned mouth down you can remove your hand and amazingly the contents inside remain suspended. The liquid can be made to leave the bottle at the magician's command or the bottle can be inverted and handed back to the spectator. This looks incredible!

Toothpicks or matchsticks can be inserted into the mouth of the bottle while it is inverted to prove that nothing is covering the opening. This is not your grandpa's hydrostatic bottle gimmick. You'll be performing this seemingly impromptu miracle in minutes after learning the secret. This is a true worker that you'll start taking with you everywhere you go.

Detailed instructions and the necessary "practically invisible" equipment is included.

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