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VANISH Magazine April/May 2016 - Ehrlich Brothers eBook DOWNLOAD


Issue 25:

  • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
  • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
  • Knot Impossible Tie by Butzi, Magicien
  • Flash Wad by Thom Peterson
  • Drinks Anyone? by Paul Romhany
  • $20 Phonebook Test by Louie Foxx
  • Show on the Go by Josh Janousky
  • Paul Gordon's Twister by Paul Gordon
  • Instagram by Erik Dobell
  • News...


VANISH Magazine August/September 2016 - Morgan Strebler eBook DOWNLOAD


Issue 27:

  • Ed's Note by Paul Romhany
  • Product Spotlight - COIN by Eric Chien
  • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
  • Easy Magic for Beginners by David Penn and Sean Heydon
  • Card Gaffing by Jeremy Hanrahan
  • Daley's Oddity by Fritz Alkemade
  • Pass the Torch by Thom Peterson
  • Prediction by George by Scott Olgard
  • True...


VANISH Magazine June/July 2016 - Paul Romhany eBook DOWNLOAD


Issue 26:

  • Ed's Note by Paul Romhany
  • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
  • Easy Magic for Beginners by David Penn and Sean Heydon
  • Card Gaffing by Jeremy Hanrahan
  • How to Justify Your Center Tear by Butzi, Magicien
  • Fish Tale by Thom Peterson
  • 8-Ball Production by Paul Romhany
  • Louie's Obedient Orange by Louie...


VANISH Magazine by Paul Romhany ebook download


This very special edition of Vanish Magazine covers the opening of Chaplin's World which opened in Switzerland.


VANISH Magazine April/May 2014 - Daryl eBook DOWNLOAD


Issue 13:

  • From the Editor
  • News
  • Show Me the Funny
  • A Professional Magician Can Seem So Uncharitable
  • Misdirection Is the Main Ingredient
  • Ten Little Secrets
  • Feature: Daryl - The Magician's Magician
  • Interview: Jim Steinmeyer
  • Married in Magic
  • The Magicians Cabaret
  • Ten...


VANISH Magazine June/July 2014 - Bill Abbott eBook DOWNLOAD


Issue 14:

  • Feature Story on Bill Abbott
  • From the Editor
  • News
  • Show Me the Funny II
  • TV Magic and TV Magicians - Good or bad?
  • Ten Little Secrets
  • Criticism
  • Bill Abbott - Feature story
  • Married in Magic
  • Little Tiger Balloon Twisting
  • An Honor and a Privilege
  • Breaking...


One Simple Step To Higher Web Rankings For Magicians by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD


Part of the Marketing for Magicians series.

This ebook contains a new, never before revealed technique that will catapult your entertainment website to the first page of Google searches in one simple step. This is Devin's most closely guarded web secret and he has used it in the past to get clients on the first page of Google...


New ways to make money from magic by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD


Do you want to get more booking? This ebook can help. Do you want to increase your birthday party shows? This PDF can show you the most effective ways available to get more birthday party shows without having to rely on building a website. Techniques you probably do not know about. This book will not only show you how to get more birthday...


Lost Luggage and the Close up Cabaret by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD


What do you do when the luggage containing your props goes to Murcia as you arrive for an important show in Madrid?

How would you cope if you arrived at a venue and the client, who booked you for a close up strolling performance, suddenly changed his mind and asked you to perform a full stand-up/cabaret set?

Learn how seven...




SPECIAL EDITION VANISH - International Magic Magazine - the Franz Harary House of Magic

A gift to magicians around the world ... please share this gift with all your magic friends ...
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - a VERY special edition of VANISH is out now - and it's FREE!!

This is NOT the regular issue but a special...


Cobra Trick by Devin Knight and Al Mann - eBook DOWNLOAD


The first book of its kind, it contains information you will not find elsewhere on the inside secrets of snake magic and snake charming.

Have you ever wondered how magicians and snake charmers touch deadly cobras on the nose and NOT GET BITTEN? Well, it is not just nerve. It is a clever trick that few people know how it is done....


Illusionmarium Lost Secrets from Magic's Golden Era


The Unpublished Notebook of Adrian Plate CD

"Illusionarium is a valuable tool for the researcher and the student of magic. It is a rich and varied look at magic at the turn of the twentieth century and it is a pleasure to browse the pages which once reposed in the collection of Houdini himself." – Matt Field, The Magic...


Chair Of Your Choice by Lee Alex - eBook DOWNLOAD





Time For A Change by Lee Alex - eBook DOWNLOAD


"Lee Alex creator of the best selling "Colour Change Waistcoat" presents the book which accompanies his international lecture on the subject of quick change "Time for a Change?" . First published in 2009 this is a revised edition. Now with full color photographs and illustrations and improvements which have been developed over time.



Match Box Delights by David Ginn - eBook DOWNLOAD


Matchbox Delights, by David Ginn with help from Bev Bergeron, teaching you dozens of magic tricks with matchsticks and matchboxes, puzzles and the amazing Matchbox Stack. Easy!

Pages: 62 - 7.25" x 11" - Black and White images and Color Photos - PDF FORMAT


VANISH Magazine by Paul Romhany (Year 2) eBook DOWNLOAD


VANISH - International Magic Magazine YEAR TWO complete download

The entire six issues of VANISH TWO from 2013-2014 is now available as a download.


Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler -
another bar stunt you can perform anytime anywhere
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants - why...


The Hoax (Issue #2) - by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi - eBook DOWNLOAD


Hoax is a digital magazine which contains workers. No pipe dreams, no overnight ideas, no impractical material. Inside Hoax you will find material that will be used. Explained in detail with clear photographs and video performances to help and make the learning process easier than ever.

This month we got to spend a little time with...


Multiplying Bottles Routine by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD


This long awaited book includes many variations of the multiplying bottles including Paul Romhany's classic Multiplying Bottle routine. This book comes from over twenty years of experience performing this classic effect.

Paul gives this classic effect new twists that will help enhance any act including sections on;

  • How...


Color Change Hank by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD


The Color Change Hanky is the perfect opening routine as it can set up the performer's personality, and show they have incredible skill. In this 74 page book Paul Romhany shares several hilarious professional scripts that take this classic effect to new levels, and includes some original twists that will unexpected by your audience....


The Real Deal (Survival Guide for Magicians) by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD


This book has been in the making for over 25 YEARS!

450 pages and 52 contributors from all over the world.

"Anyone who want's to be a pro worker and learn from one of the best, this is the bible and you won't get better.Paul has covered everything in detail from A to Z. This is one of the finest books of its kind.Wish...


The Briefcase Illusion by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD


The Briefcase Illusion has been the opening for Paul Romhany's World Class Act for the past twenty years! An illusion that is designed to set up in less than five minutes, and pack flat in less than two! The possibilities are endless!! Use it as an appearance or vanish, as a solo illusion or with an assistant.



Orange, Lemon, Egg & Canary by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD


An effect that is over 100 years old, and become a signature routine of some of the world's most talented magicians including David Copperfield, Tommy Wonder and Richiardi.

For the first time, a dedicated book on this famous routine that has been in Paul Romhay's act for over twenty years.

This book takes a look at...


Six Card Repeat by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD


The Six Card Repeat is a staple of many professional magicians. For many it has taken years of practice to acquire the skill necessary to perform. Paul Romhany has designed a gimmick that requires no skill, yet makes you look like you've been practicing for years. Paul's gimmick is a very unique design, which enables moves and...


The Ultimate Chair Test Routine by Luca Volpe and Titanas - eBook DOWNLOAD


This manuscript contains Luca Volpe's best stage routine but pay attention as it is NOT just a simple chair prediction routine, this is a COMPLETE ACT of 8 minutes that will leave your audience blown away!

A multi-phase routine with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions.

We will not describe the effect...


Retro Gravity by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD


If you haven't heard of Retro-Gravity, it was a self-levitation that Al Mann and Devin Knight created over 20 years ago. It has been kept under wraps all these years. Whispered about on the underground, and hinted that it would be released someday... That day is NOW.

Retro-Gravity allows you to levitate 2 to 4 inches in the...

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