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Mesmerism, Hypnosis & Suggestive Therapeutics (37 Rare & Out of PrintBooks) Compiled By: Jonathan Royle - eBook


As many of you who have previously studied materials by Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle will already know, he has stated on many occasions that there is absolutely nothing "new" in the World of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism, NLP and related areas.

Indeed Royle is well known for advising his students to study old (now...


10S Star Sign Divination by Olivier Boes - eBook DOWNLOAD


Using just two lines of script, you can divine a person's star sign.

No language restrictions;

No anagrams;

No dual reality;

Easy and direct;

This principle can be used for colours, cities, names...

Format: PDF ebook - 11 pages

"I absolutely love this method. It falls into the category...


RAT System by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


Royle's R.A.T System is a 71 page, large format (A4 Size) information packed, photo illustrated downloadable PDF Ebook, that when studied will enable you to learn and remember the meanings of all the Rune Stones, Astrological Star Signs and Tarot Cards in 60 minutes or less!

To make that clear we would expect the vast majority...


Miles from Nowhere Lecture Notes (with Bonus Tricks Online) by Bryan Miles - eBook


Steal a volunteer's secret password from their mind... reveal the secret to finding happiness... predict the location of a destination in timetravel... and more!

Powerful close-up and stage mentalism routines that will inspire your audience.

The Eyes Tell - Discover how to make your effects believable.

What can we...


Whacked Book Test by Mark Elsdon - eBook DOWNLOAD


Designed for the serious working performer, 'Whacked!' is a 10 minute mind-reading routine which revolves around Dave Gorman's best-selling comedy book Googlewhack Adventure.

This Second Limited Edition manuscript gives full details of Mark's script and psychological approach - which is one of the things...


Alphabet In Reverse by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD


Professor Backwards made a name for himself doing these feats on all the talk shows including Ed Sullivan in 50s to 70s. You can do many of the same things and learn how to do them in less than one day. This is due to the special techniques and easy to learn mnemonics I have developed. NO MORE forced memory. The techniques in this PDF will...


Mobile Magic 2015 by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD


MOBILE MAGIC 2015 - (Ultimate Tool Kit for Magician's & Mentalists)

Created by: Jonathan Royle & Stuart Cassels.

Based on an Original Idea by and with thanks to Kenton Knepper

The Newly Bang Up to Date Version for 2015.....

Be Sure To Check Out The Demo Video.

"Mobile Magic" is a Unique...


Gnostic by Cedric Taylor - eBook DOWNLOAD


Gnostic is a system that allows any mentalists or mystery performer to be his/her own consultant. This is being dubbed as "arguably the most dangerous manuscript ever written". Gnostic is structured so well for the stage performer, if placed in the wrong hands, it could legitimately start a cult.

Gnostic is not just an effect, its...


Memory Magic for Magicians & Mentalists ebook DOWNLOAD


How To Develop Super Power Techniques For Memory & Maths Magic.

Discover The Amazingly Simple Techniques To Turn You Into A True Super Power Techniques For Memory Expert To Amaze, Entertain & Even Earn Big Bucks

Plus, Learn The Professional Secrets Of Speed Reading Which Will Enable You To Learn Anything In Half The Time...


The Psychic Secrets of Alex Leroy by Jonathan Royle - eBooks - DOWNLOAD



(Techniques of Stage Clairvoyants, Platform Mediums, Spiritualist Psychics & Faith Healers, Tarot Readers and Astrologists!)

PLUS: The Ultimate Work on the Mentalism Questions and Answers (Q & A) Style Act.

Written by: Dr. Jonathan Royle.

This is a Large Format (A4) Information...


i by Chris Ramsay ebook DOWNLOAD


"The most devious thing I've seen with a borrowed iphone."
- Daniel Madison

"This takes remote viewing to the next level!"
- Peter Turner

"An effect that is as frightening as the method... I may never sleep again!"
- Spidey

"I know how powerful a revelation like this is and I've...


Lost Luggage and the Close up Cabaret by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD


What do you do when the luggage containing your props goes to Murcia as you arrive for an important show in Madrid?

How would you cope if you arrived at a venue and the client, who booked you for a close up strolling performance, suddenly changed his mind and asked you to perform a full stand-up/cabaret set?

Learn how seven...


Just One Touch by Dan Alex - Ebook Download


The magician claims to have special powers. He calls on one of the spectators to try this experience, asks them to relax and close their eyes. He then asks them to focus on a point in their mind and imagine a finger slowly touching their face. The spectator moves their head slightly as if someone had touched their face, but everyone will...


2 Thoughts by Pablo Amira - eBook DOWNLOAD


2 Thoughts is Impromptu Mentalism that can be performed with borrowed materials.

2 Participants, one using his conscious process and the other using his unconcious motivations. Just 2 pieces of paper and a pen will allow you to achieve mindreading and precognition with a fun and interesting theme.

For stage or close...


Body Language for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


(10 Volume Video Training Set)



(Resident Body Language Expert & Consultant for The BBC, GMTV News, This Morning, Salesmen From Hell 2, Celebrities Exposed, ExtremeCelebrity...


CLEAR-VOLUTION - (Ultimate Signed Card To Transparent Box) by Jonathan Royle



*It does not have to be a playing card, it could just as easily be their signed banknote that ends up in the box, or there could have been a Prediction on full view that ends up being 100% Correct when tipped out of the box.

*Stop Thinking like a Magician and start to realise that a normal...


Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist - Live Event by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


If you've ever seen the "Mindbenders" on Television and wondered How did he do that? Then let us tell you now it has nothing to do with NLP and for the first time ever on video Dr. Jonathan Royle will reveal to you in a simple step by step manner all of TV's Most Mind Blowing "Mind Control" Secrets and what's more he will also...


Divine Chaos by Sean McCarthy - eBook DOWNLOAD


Divine Chaos is Sean McCarthy's first release to the mentalism and magic community and it details a whole host of great magic/mentalism that is up to date. Sean uses current methods that will suit the modern performer. Whether you are learning his linguistic techniques for metal bending or reading his subtleties detailed for each effect...


Egg, Sausage & Peas (ESP) by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


"It's a solid take on a complete, baffling and entertaining mentalism act."
Wayne Kawamoto, 10/21/2014 Full Review

"Very highly recommended."
Stephen Tucker, Reviewer 6/30/2014

"If you are looking to see a really good mentalism show, you will not be disappointed. You really get a...


Encyclopedia of Self-Help for Performers & Entertainers by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


(Techniques That Will Help You Be A Better Performer & Person)

The Encyclopedia of Self-Help, Personal Development, Self Improvement and Change Work Psychology & Techniques is a massive large format (almost A4) invaluable resource of 470 information packed pages which could prove literally Life Changing in a Positive Manner for every...


Hypnotherapy & NLP For the Psychic Entertainer & Mentalist by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


This Unique Package is intended to enable Psychic Entertainers and Mentalists to cash in on the Lucrative Self-Help and Psychological Therapy Market as a Profitable Sideline to their existing performance business.

As a diploma bearing (personally trained by Nik and Eva Speakman) Practitioner of their Trademarked "Visual Coding Displacement...


Past Life Regression for the Magician & Mentalist by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


Have You Lived Before?

This is a Simple Guide to Past Life Regressions for The Hypnotherapist & New Age Hypnotherapy Practitioner or Psychic Entertainer & Mentalist.

4,278 words of pure gold, perhaps the simplest to follow and easiest to understand success guide for running successful Past Life Regression Hypnosis Sessions...


R.O.A.M - The Reality of All Matter by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


R.O.A.M is perhaps the most controversial, educational and enlightening book you will ever read during this lifetime.

Indeed Royce Holloman of Paranormal Palace Radio (USA) admitted that he was amazed by this book's revelations during a recent feature interview with the two authors on his Radio Show.

He actually accused...


Royle`s Fourteenth Step To Mentalism & Mind Miracles by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


If your new to Mentalism and Mind Magic then at only $77 this comprehensive video training package is well worth your serious consideration as the contents can help even the complete Novice to add a whole range of Miracles, Skills, Strategies and techniques to their Mentalism and Mind Magic Arsenal, whilst also teaching established Professionals...


Street Hypnosis for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD


This intensive training set of One Hour & 46 Minutes is made up of a total of 14 Unique Video Training Files to which you will gain instant access.

This is direct to the point, no filler, no BS and reveals exactly what you need to know to perform Street Hypnosis both Legally and Lawfully in all manners and above all else in a SAFE...


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