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21st Century Card Magic by James Swain

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$1000 A Day Plan for Magicians by Devin Knight

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10 Magic Myths Exposed by Devin Knight
101108 Lecture Notes Marc Spelmann
13 Steps To Mentalism

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2-in-1 Pro Lecture (CD w/Bonus Book) by Jeff Hobson

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3510 By Luke Jermay

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49 Seconds - The Memory Routine of Luke Jermay

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53 Friends: Cardtricks for Everywhere

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666 Mentalism by Howard Adams

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7 By Michael Huot
793.8 by Jeff Stone

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8 Effects and a Sleight by Michael Kociolek

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A Book in English by Woody Aragon
A Card Merely Thought Of by Thomas Baxter
A Cut Above Msgr. Vincent Foy
A Cut Above The Rest - Colombini
A Cut Deeper - Colombini
A Knight of Magic by Devin Knight
A Pasteboard Odyssey
A Piece Of My Mind by Michael Murray
A Question of Memory (out of print/limited ed) by David Berglas
A Setup With Aldo - Colombini
Above the Fold by Rich Aviles
Act II
Advanced Illusion Projects
After Craft (More Card Trickery) by J. K. Hartman
After The Force - Ron Frost
Al Koran Professional Presentations by Hugh Miller
Al Koran The Unique Years by Martin Breese
Al Leech's Legacy
Al Mann`s Sensational Boiler Escape by Devin Knight & Al Mann
Al Schneider Magic
Altriotto by Paul Carnazzo
Amazing Miracles Of Shigeo Takagi
An Enchanted Evening Revised
Anate by Dee Christopher
Anatomy of Misdirection: 35th Anniversary Edition by Joe Bruno
Andrus Deals You In
Andrus Notes Jerry Andrus
Andrus Notes Jerry Andrus
Animated Miracles
Annemanns Enigma
Annotated Erdnase by Mike Caveney
Anthony Owen Talks To Jay Fortune No.2
Antinomy - Volume 13
Apocalypse #2 Years 6 to 10
Apocalypse - Volumes 16 - 20
Approaching Magic - David Regal
Aqua-Imp by Ben Harris
Arcade Dreams
Arch Triumphs - Jon Racherbaumer
Aronson Approach - Simon Aronson
Art Decko by Simon Aronson
Art Of Astonishment - Paul Harris Volume 1
Art Of Astonishment - Paul Harris Volume 2
Art Of Astonishment - Paul Harris Volume 3
Art Of Close-Up Levitation Volume 1
Art Of Close-Up Levitation Volume 2
Art Of Magic
Art Of Public Squeeking
Art and Ardor
Assumptive Swindle - Jack Tillar
Audience Management by Gay Ljungberg
Automatic 2-Way Envelope by Wayne Rogers
Avant-Cards by Tom Gagnon
Award Winning Magic Of John Cornelius
Award Winning Rope Magic

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BETCHA! (How to Win Free Drinks for Life) by Simon Lovell
Bamboozlers Vol. 3 by Diamond Jim Tyler
Bamboozlers Volume 2 by Diamond Jim Tyler
Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
Bar Bill Stunt - Ron Bauer
Base Book
Basic Cups & Balls - Ron Bauer
Bearly Impossible by Paul Romhany
Before I Forget by Harry Lorayne
Bertram On Sleight Of Hand
Best Of British
Best Of Friends Vol 3 - Lorayne
Best Of Friends Volume 1 - Lorayne
Best Of Larry Beckers World of Super Mentalism
Best Of Slydini
Best of All Worlds
Between Two Minds Too
Beyond Fundamentals CD by Bob Cassidy
Beyond Imagination by Norman Gilbreath
Beyond Look- Don`t See: Furthering the Art of Children
Big Money Shows by JC Sum
Bill Tube Book
Birthday Party Business
Black By Dan Army
Black Heart and Bourbon by Dee Christopher
Black Moon - Docc Hilford
Blindfolded Car - Devin Knight
Blister Book by Jack Kent Tillar
Blomberg Laboratories by Andi Gladwin and Vanishing Inc.
Bob Ostin Lifetime Of Magic
Body Morphin
Book Of Numbers Volume Two by Docc Hilford
Book Of Oopses
Book of Magic Bollocks by The Great Sebastiano
Book of Numbers - Docc Hilford Volume 1
Book of Numbers - Docc Hilford Volume 2
Book of Numbers - Docc Hilford Volume 3
Books Of Wonder
Bound To Please- Aronson
Braided Bill - Bob Beale
Brainstorm In My Pajamas by Ron Dayton
Brass Knuckles - Doug Edwards
Breslaws Last Legacy
Brother Hammans Final(ly) Aces - Ron Bauer
Build Your Own Psychic Calculator by Shawn Evans
Building A Better Mouse Trap
Building Blocks Extended by Luke Jermay
Bullet Party by John Bannon
Butch- Ringo & The Sheep - Ron Bauer
By Darkness Influenced
By Forces Unseen - Steven Minch

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CAAN Craft by J.K. Hartman
CEREBRATE (with Gimmicks) by Marc Salem & Richard Mark
CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 by Docc Hilford
Calculated Chaos by Chris Westfall and Vanishing Inc
Calculator Magic by John Carrington
Capricornian Tales C. Chelman
Card Animations - Meir Yedid
Card Classics Of Ken Krenzel
Card College - Robert Giobbi All Five Volumes
Card College - Robert Giobbi Volume 1
Card College - Robert Giobbi Volume 2
Card College - Robert Giobbi Volume 3
Card College - Robert Giobbi Volume 4
Card College - Robert Giobbi volume 5
Card College 1 E book
Card College Light - Giobbi
Card College Lighter by Giobbi
Card College Lightest by Robert Giobbi
Card Conspiracy Volume 1
Card Control- Andrus
Card Delusions by Ryan Mantey
Card Dodgery by Vanishing Inc
Card Dupery - Hartman
Card Expert Entertains - Fitzkee
Card Fictions
Card Finesse
Card Journal - Colombini
Card Kinetics by David Britland
Card Magic Of Nick Trost
Card Magic by Richard Kaufman
Card Magic of Paul LePaul
Card Men by Dan and Dave
Card Through Window by Shawn Evans
Cardboard Connection book
Cardially Yours by Ed Marlo
Cardini: The Suave Deceiver by John Fisher
Carnage by Paul Carnazzo
Carnival of Secrets by Neale Scryer
Chan Canasta Vol 2
Chan Canasta Volume 1 - David Britland
Change Bags - Magic City Library Of Magic
Character Development for Magicians (Book and DVD) by Woody Pittman
Cheating At Texas Hold-Em - John Born
Children Laugh Louder
Chop Cup Routine A Fakir Miracle Lecture Notes by Scott Alexander
Class Act
Classic Collection 2
Classic Collection 3 - Harry Lorayne
Classic Correspondence by Mike Caveney
Classic Illusions - Paul Osbourne Volume 1
Classic Illusions - Paul Osbourne Volume 2
Classic Illusions - Paul Osbourne Volume 3
Clockwork Apple by Chris Mayhew
Close Culls by Harapan Ong and Vanishing Inc
Close Up Entertainer by Paul Harris
Close Up Illusions- Ouellet
Close Up The Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone
Close-Up & Personal - David Regal
Close-Up Card Magic- Lorayne
Close-Up Elegance by Davide Cost
Close-Up Hallucinations by George Schindler
Close-Up Magic Secrets
Close-Up Seductions by Paul Harris
Cody`s Comedy Confabulation by Cody Fisher
Cold Deck
Collected Almanac
Color Change Hank by Paul Romhany
Come A Little Closer - John Denis
Comedy Helper 2 by Stephane Bourgoin
Comedy Helper
Comedy Magic Textbook by Roper & David Ginn
Communicating with Magic by Earl Reum
Compleat Invocation Vols 1 & 2
Complete Course In Magic - Wilson
Complete Course in Pick Pocketing
Complete Jarrett
Complete Workers EBook
Complete Works Of Derek Dingle
Concertos For Pasteboard
Confictura by Thomas Moore
Confidences by Roberto Giobbi
Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye and Vanishing Inc (Book w/DVD) ook
Confidential Day Care Booking
Conjurer- Collector- And Iconoclast by Stanley Collins
Constant Fooling Vol 1 - David Regal
Constant Fooling Vol 2 - David Regal
Contact Mind Reading Expanded - Fitzkee
Conversation as Mentalism Vol. 2 by Mark Elsdon
Conversation as Mentalism by Mark Elsdon
Cool- Kid Show Magic by Norm Barnhart
Coral Fang
Corporate Illusions Made Easy by JC Sum
Cosmic Sport... And The Interpretive Truth by Steve Reynolds
Cosmosis Pro Tips
Counts Inquisition - EBook Vol 1
Counts Inquisition - EBook Vol 2
Counts Inquisition - EBook Vol 3
Counts- Cuts- Moves & Subtlety
Crafted With Carey by John Carey
Crandalls Cut Up Card Trick - Ron Bauer
Crash Course On Kids Shows
Create Your Own Magic System by Marc Oberon
Creation by Peter Loughran
Creative Kids Talk
Creative Magic by Adam Wilber
Crimental by Harrismatic
Crossroads - Ben Harris
Cue Control by Alex Hecklau
Cursed Ring - Ron Bauer
Curtain Call by Barrie Richardson
Cutting Remarks by David Britland
Cutting up Touches by David Avadon
Cyber Sessions

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D by Howard Hamburg
DIY OTL by Chazpro Magic
Dai Vernon: A Biography by David Ben
Daub The Booklet
Davenport Story Volume 1
Davenport Story Volume 2
David Hemingway's Comedy Pro-File
Dayton Wallet
Deadly Mentalism
Deceptions That Dare to Dazzle & Delight by Shawn Evans
Deep Shadows by Dee Christopher
Defiance II - Reed McClintock
Definitive Guide to Restaurant Magic by Wayne Goodman
Definitive Sankey (3 Book and 1 DVD set) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic
Definitive Sankey by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic Volume 1
Definitive Sankey by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic Volume 2
Definitive Sankey by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic Volume 3
Del Ray - Americas Foremost
Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz
Destination Zero by John Bannon
Destiny Response
Destroyers by Troy Hooser
Devious Deceptions
Devious Standards by Jamy Ian Swiss
Dice Stacking Book by Todd Strong
Digital Effects by Joe Mogar
Direct Hits by Aldo Colombini
Disguised by Nefesch eBook DOWNLOAD
Distorted Thoughts by Jack Curtis
Divine by Colin McLeod
Dixie - Ron Bauer
Dobsons Choice Volume 1
Dobsons Choice Volume 3
Dobsons Choice Special Effects
Don Alan Chop Cup Routine
Don`t Fool Yourself: The Magical Life of Dell O
Double Your Pleasure by Chad Nelson
Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop
Dr. Chang Presents Knee Slappers & Gaggers
Drawing Room Deceptions by Hollingworth
Drawn In by Oliver Meech
Dream Poker
Duffies Card Compulsions
Dunninger Knows by Joseph Atmore

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Early Harbin
East Coast Super Session
Easy Build Illusions
Edd Patterson: A Lifetime of Magic and Art
Edge Of Reality
Effective Card Magic
Elastrix Volume 1
Elastrix Volume 2
Emotional Mentalism Vol 1 by Luca Volpe and Titanas Magic
Emotional Mentalism Vol 2 by Luca Volpe and Titanas Magic
Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks by Jean Hugard
Encyclopedia Of Dove Magic - Chavez
Encyclopedia Of Impromptu Card Forces
Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks - James
Encyclopedia Of Silk Magic CD
Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists
Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks - Abbotts
Ensuing Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer
Entertainers Handbook by Mike Stilwell
Entertaining on Cruise Ships - Romhany
Epic by Marc Oberon
Epiphanies by Colin McLeod
Equilateral by JC Sum
Essential Robert Houdin
Essential Stewart James
Evil Illusions by Paul Osborne
Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen by John Lovick
Expert At The Card Table
Expert Card Technique: Close-Up Table Magic
Expert Coin Magic - David Roth
Expert Manip Of Playing Cards
Experts Portfolio
Extreme Magic Makeover by Hal Spear and Paul Romhany

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Fair and Sloppy - Ron Bauer
Fandango 1
Fell`s Advanced Magic
Feminine Side - Ron Bauer
Fetsching Magic by Robert Spencer
Fight Dirty: Lecture Notes by Andy Nyman
Final Curtain
Finally Aces - Rob Bauer
Find The Stuff Thats You
Finding The Funny by Ryan Pilling
Finding the Center by Antonio Zuccaro
Finger Foods
Five Points In Magic - Tamariz
Five Times Five Japan
Five Times Five Scotland
Flashpoints by Ed Marlo
Flip Shift by John Born
Focus- Phil Goldstein
Folding Coin Book
Folding Money Book
Foolproof Card Tricks by Karl Fulves
Four Thought by Gregory Arce
Frank Chapman Elegant Phantom
Full Bloom (2 Book Set) by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James
Full Metal Jacket
Further Impuzzibilities - Steinmeyer

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Gadabout Coins - Ron Bauer
Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts by Richard Kaufman
Geeking Galliun Gaffs & Gimmicks by Shawn Evans
Genius of Robert Harbin by Eric Lewis
Get Booked by Benji Bruce
Gift Magic: Performances that Leave People with a Souvenir - Book
Glass Box Revisited - Devin Knight
Goebel Magical Mind Book/DVD Set
Gospel Book - Harvey Berg
Grand Illusions CD-Rom by Jonathan Pendragon
Grandfather Stories Magic with a Native American Flair by Ed Solomon
Great Magicians in Great Moments
Grift Sense- Swain

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Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 1 by Denis Behr
Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 2 by Denis Behr
Hands of Fortune by Anthony Watson III
Happenstance (A Multi-Phase Examination Of Coincidence) by Eric Stevens
Hard-Bolied Mysteries - Cervon
Headline Prediction by Paul Romhany
Heads I Win Tails You Lose by Jheff
Hellis In Wonderland by Will Houstoun
Hexagon by Patrick Redford
Hidden In Plain Sight
High Caliber by John Bannon
Hofzinser (Limited Ed.) by Magic Christian - Volumes I and II
Hold Em Magic by Tom Frame and Vanishing Inc
Hornswoggled Again - Ron Bauer
Horus by Luca Volpe
Houdini - The Untold Story (Delux Edition) by Milbourne Christopher
Houdini Book by Milbourne Christopher
Houdini Laid Bare (2 volume boxed set signed and numbered) by William Kalush
House Of Cards
How I Predicted Super Bowl XLVI - Dan Cain
How To Levitate by Andrew Mayne
How to Force a Card By Merlyn T Shute
How to Tell Anybody's Personality by the way they Laugh and Speak by Paul Romhany
Hugards Annuals Of Magic
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 1 - 4
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 11 - 13
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 14 - 16
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 17 - 19
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 20 - 21
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 5 - 7
Hugards Magic Monthly Vols 8 - 10

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Ibidem Volume 1
Ibidem Volume 2
Ibidem Volume 3
If Ever A Wiz There Was - Keith Fields
If It Fits Sleeve It (limited Hand Signed) by Rocco Silano
Illusion Book - Mayne
Illusion Paradigm by Paul Osborne
Illusion Systems - Osborne Vol 1
Illusion Systems - Osborne Vol 2
Illusion Systems - Osborne Vol 3
Illusion Systems - Osborne Vol 4
Illusion Works 3- Rand Woodbury
Illusion-works 4 - Insight- Ingenuity & Innovation by Rand Woodbury
Illusionary Departures
Illusiontech 1
Illusionworks 1 - Woodbury
Impish Thoughts and Meaningful Magic
Impromptu and Colorful Prediction
Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer
Inclined Toward Magic: Encounters with Books- Collectors and Conjurors by David Meyer
Indestructible Erdnase (Limited Edition) by Conjuring Arts Research Center
Index-Terity: A Revolutionary Approach to a Powerful Tool by George Parker with Lawrence Hass- Ph.D.
Inner Card Trilogy - Dai Vernon
Inner Circle book Paul Harris
Inside the Head of Donny Orbit by Donny Orbit
Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence by Larry Hass
Intimate Mysteries by Chris Philpott
Intricate Web Of Distraction
Invisible Stranger - Docc Hilford
Isabella Star 2 by Peter Turner
Its All Relative

J     Return To Top

Jagged Edge by Docc Hilford
Japan Ingenious by Steve Cohen and Richard Kaufman
Jim Bergstroms Hat Trick by Ron Bauer
Jim Ravel`s Theatrical Pick Pocketing
Jonathan Goodwin Talks To Jay Fortune
Joshua Jays Amazing Book of Cards

K     Return To Top

Kenton Sampler
Keynote Speaking for Magicians by Paul Rohmany
Kids Show Masterplan by Danny Orleans
Kids Think Its Funny
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) by Paul Osborne
Kidtrix 2 by Paul Osborne
Killer Koncepts
Kiss by John Derris
Kisses by Luca Volpe
Knights Tour Excalibur - The Book by Devin Knight
Knuckle Busters Volume 4 Volume 4
Kosher Products: Lecture Notes by Andy Nyman
Kurious Kards & 5 Dollar Trix by Jerry Andrus
Kurious Kards - Jerry Andrus

L     Return To Top

LINT book by John Luka
Larry beckers World Of Super Mentalism
Las Vegas Kardma - Allan Ackerman
Leading Reading - Luke Jermay
Lecture Package Limited
Left Handed Hank - Ron Bauer
Legacy of Al Koran by Hugh Miller
Legendary Hierophant
Legerdemain Magazine - volume1 (CD)
Lessons in Card Mastery by Darwin Ortiz
Lethal Tender Book
Library of Magic Volume #14: Trick Decks
Lickity Split
Life Of The Party
Life and Times of a Legend - Annemann
Linking Rings Book
Listen to Us!: showbiz interviews by Michael Frederiksen
Little Egypt Book Of Numbers
Live Kid Biz 1
Live Kid Biz 2 - David Ginn
Live Kid Biz 5&6
Lo Mejor De Joshua Jay (Spanish) by Tango Magic
Lolita System
Look No Hands "The Lecture" by Wayne Dobson
Look No Hands Vol. 2 by Wayne Dobson
Lorayne: The Classic Collection Vol. 4 by Harry Lorayne
Lost Notebooks of John Hilliard
Lunch Is Served by paul Romhany

M     Return To Top

MINDESPA by Howard Adams
Mad Mojo by Andrew Mayne
Maelstrom by Tom Stone
Magic And Methods by Ross Bertram
Magic And Showmanship - Nelms
Magic Apple Live by The Magic Apple
Magic Book - Harry Lorayne
Magic By Phone
Magic Exhibition
Magic For Dummies
Magic From Down Under - World Lecture Tour by Paul Romhany
Magic From Maui
Magic Matters by Robert Neale and Larry Hass
Magic Menu - Fall Issue
Magic Menu 2010
Magic Menu 6 - 10
Magic Menu Final Four
Magic Menu Issue 64
Magic Menu Spring 2010
Magic Of Ascanio Vol 2 Studies Of Card Magic
Magic Of Fred Robinson
Magic Of Thinking Creatively
Magic The Complete Course - Joshua Jay
Magic Treasures - Fedko
Magic With Reels
Magic and Mischief by Andrew Mayne
Magic by Misdirection - Fitzkee
Magic by Phone by Deej Johnson
Magic from the Overground by Paul Hallas
Magic from the Soul by Rene Lavand
Magic of Ascanio Book Volume 3
Magic of Ascanio Book Volume 4
Magic of Steve Hamilton by International Magic
Magic with a Christmas Theme by Marc Dibowski
Magical Arts Journal by Michael Ammar and Adam Fleischer
Magical Mathematics by Persi Diaconis
Magical World Of Slydini
Magicians Magic- Paul Curry
Magics Most Amazing Stories
Magigram by Martin Breese
Making Real Magic By Richard Osterlind
Making the Cut by Ryan Schultz
Marked 4 Life by Wayne Dobson
Marlo Without Tears
Master Book of Blindfolds by Burling Hull
Mastered Amazement by Al Koran & Jack Lamonte
Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger
Masters of Illusion (Skirball Museum catalog) by Mike Caveney
Mathcasts Aspellonu
Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne
Matrix Gods Way
Maximum Entertainment
McCombical - The Wit and Wisdom of Billy McComb
Mechanical Deck - Ron Bauer
Memoirs of an Elusive Moth by Adele Friel Rhindress
Memoria by Fraser Parker
Mental Epic Compendium by Paul Romhany
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Vol 1
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 2
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 3
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 4
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz volume 5
Mental Mysteries: The Theory and Practice of Mentalism by E. R. Hutchison
Mentalism Inc V 2
Mentalism Inc
Mephistos Journey
Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski
Methodical by Aaron Smith
Milbourne Christopher Library - Book
Milbourne Christopher The Man and His Magic by Willaim Rauscher
Milo & Roger
Mind Blowing - James Biss
Mind Mysteries Guide Book
Mind Work by Richard Mark
Mindsight (Book and Gimmicks) by Andreu
Miracle Material
Miracles of My Friends II by Burt Sperber
Miracles with Cards by James Swain
Miraculous Ploys by Kenton Knepper
Misers Miracle - Andrus
Mixing It Up book Matthew Johnson
Modern Coin Magic - hardbound
Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo
Modern Mentalism by Luke Jermay
Modus Operandi
Moments & Destroyers Book Set - Hooser
Moments by Troy Hooser
Money Matters by Ed Solomon
Mongolian Pop Knot
Monkeyshines Volume 1 by Doc Dixon
More Power to You: The Very Best of David Acer
Mr. Electric Unplugged by Marvin Roy
Much Ado About Something
Multiplying Bottles Routine by Paul Romhany
My (Almost) 50 Years in Magic by Tom Craven
My Best Self-Working Card Tricks
My Canes and Candles- Fantasio
My Story - Uri Geller
Mysteries Anywhere by Pablo Amira
Mysteries Of My Life - Rene Lavand
Mystery Book by Marc Oberon
Mystery By Association - Knepper
Mystery School Book

N     Return To Top

Nail Writer Anthology - Baxter
Natural Selections II - David Acer
Neale Scryer and Friends by Neale Scryer
Nephthys by Luca Volpe
New Era Card Trick Book
New Jinx
New Magic Of Japan
Newspaper Magic Revised
Newz by Nefesh
Nexus by Martin Adams
No Tricks by Losander - Audio CD
Nostrum Necromacy
Not a Dianoetic Rage by Thomas Baxter
Notes On the Fast and Loose
Noteworthy by David Gabbay
Nothing But Mystery - Steinmeyer
Now You See It Now You Dont
Nukes by Doug Edwards
Number 6 by Doc Hilford
Numbers- Cards... and Time! by Carlos Vinuesa

O     Return To Top

Oh No- Not Another Card Trick by Ed Solomon
Oiater by Tom Dobrowolski
On The Other Side Of The Mirror
One Degree by John Guastaferro
Open Prediction Project by Thomas Baxter
Orange- Lemon- Egg & Canary by Paul Romhany
Original Magic by Frank Blaisdell
Osterlind Trilogy
Ouija by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor
Outs- Precautions & Challenges
Owed To Poker Dan - Ron Bauer
Owen Brothers Sub Trunk Schematics (large Scale)

P     Return To Top

PSI Poker by Ben Harris
PSIWave - Rick Maue
Pabular Book 1
Pabular Book 2
Pabular Book 3
Pabular Book 4
Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows by J.C. Sum
Page Wrights Manuscript
Paper Folding Giveaways For Magicians by Sid Lorraine & Devin Knight
Paths To Enchantment
Paul Diamond Entertains by Paul Diamond
Peek Performances- Busch
Penumbra Volume 10
Perception Is Everything
Performance Of Close-Up Magic by Eugene Burger
Phoenix On CD ROM
Pierced & Punctured
Pimp Your Dummy by Lex Schoppi
Pocket Finger Chopper Book
Pocket Sawing In Half
Poker Sam by Alan Bursky
Populate by Mark Parker
Practical Mental Magic
Pranklopedia by Workman Publishing
Prestige Pen Projects by Shawn Evans
Production Truck Illusion by Wayne Rogers
Professional Card Magic Miracles - Paul Gordon
Professional Magic For Children - Ginn
Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volume 1
Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volume 2
Protoplasm by Christian Painter
Proximity Effects - Dee Christopher
Psiuke by Luca Volpe and Titanas
Psychic Mafia by Lamar Keene
Psychokinesis: Moving Objects With The Mind by Chazpro
Psychokinetic Touches
Psychological Subtleties 1 by Banachek
Psychological Subtleties 2 by Banachek
Psychological Subtleties 3 by Banachek
Psychophysiological Thought Reading
Publicity Secrets #1 by Devin Knight

Q     Return To Top

Q - Knepper
Quarks and Quirks
Quick Change Book Volume 2 by Lex Schoppi
Quick Change Rapid Costume Changes For Men
Quick Change Transformation
Quick and Effective Cold Reading by Richard Webster
Quickfire by David Forrest
Quietus of Creativity
Quintet by Jack Kent Tillar

R     Return To Top

Ramblings And Revelations
Rameses The Forgotten Star by Chris Woodward
Ramsay Tasselled Rope trick booklet by Andrew Galloway
Random Acts Of Magic
Rants 2
Rara Avis
Ray Goulet-Recollections of a Renaissance Man By Frank Dudgeon
Reading For The Magician
Readings as Entertainment by Richard Webster
Real Secrets Of Card Magic - Paul Gordon
Real Secrets by Adam Milgate
Real Telepathy by Patrick Froment
Real-World Card Control Magic by Shawn Evans
Reel Magic Quarterly Volume 6
Reflections Hardcover by Outlaw effects
Relaxed Impossibilities by Stephen Minch
Repertoire Volume 1 by Ben Williams
Repertoire Volume 2 by Ben Williams
Restaurant Portfolio by Bruce Kalver
Restaurant Workers Handbook
Revelation by Dai Vernon
Revolutionary Card Technique
Rings In Your Fingers - Fitzkee
Rising Card Book
Rogers Thesaurus
Ronning Guide To Stage Hypnosis
Rope Magic - Magic City Volume 1
Route 52 by Steve Reynolds
Routined Manipulations Book Set
Royal Road To Card Magic
Rubber Band Magic Ken Ring and Paul Romhany
Run Silent- Run Deep by Ben Harris
Rusduck and His Cardistry

S     Return To Top

SWITCH - Unfolding The $100 Bill Change
Safety Pin Trix
Salt Sorcery
Same Both Sides - Lloyd E Jones
Sandsational - George Sands
Sankey Pankey
Scarne On Card Tricks
Scarnes Magic Tricks
Scrolls by Tim Converse
Scryer`s 13 by Neale Scryer
Scryer`s Band of Readers by Neale Scryer
Seance Book
Second Finger Top Deal - Ron Bauer
Second Guest - David Forrest
Second To None - Simon Lovell
Secret Agenda by Roberto Giobbi
Secret Books Of De`vo Volume 2
Secret Illusion Show
Secret Scent-Sations - Knepper
Secret Ways of Al Baker
Secrets Of Brother John Hamman
Secrets Of Stage Conjuring
Secrets of Conjuring And Magic by Robert Houdin - eBook DOWNLOAD
Self-Working Rope Magic
Self-Working Table Magic
Sell Your Act with Posters
Selling The Show by Sean Taylor
Selling the Impossible by John Kaplan
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 2
Septet by Jack Kent Tillar
Seriously Silly by David Kaye
Session - Deluxe Edition
Session by Joel Givens and Joshua Jay
Seven Basic Secrets Of Illusion Design
Shalosh Stage Work by Nimrod Harel
Shattered Reality by Lance Richardson
Shock Magic
Short- Punchy- & Mental Lecture Notes by Andy Nyman
Show Stoppers With Cards
Showmanship for Magicians - Fitzkee
Siamese Goose Egg - Ron Bauer
Signed Card on Blue Stake by Wayne Rogers & Paul Romhany
Silent Mora by William Rauscher
Silk 2 Egg by Cody Fisher
Simple And Direct (SAD) Mentalism
Simple Showstoppers by JC Sum
Simply Simon- Aronson
Six Card Repeat by Paul Romhany
Six Impossible Things by John Bannon
Six Masterpieces by Wayne Dobson
Sleight Of Mouth by Harry Allen
Slush Book Booklet
Slush Book Powder
Small But Deadly - Paul Hallas
Smart Stuff - Bill Abbott
Smoke and Mirrors by Rick Marcelli
Something From Nothing
Son Of Simon Says
Sorcerer Series Volume 1
Sorcerer Series Volume 2
Sorcerer Series Volume 3
Special Effects - Harry Lorayne
Spellbound: The Wonder-filled Life of Doug Henning
Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger
Springboard by Michael Murray
St. George`s Hall by Mike Caveney
Stage Fright (Empowerment Series) by Brian Watson
Stand Up Fantasies (DVD & Book Set) by Jan Logemann
Stand Up Magic by David Hemingway
Standing Up On Stage(Creating a Commercial and Effective Stand Up Act) by Scott Alexander
Standing Up with Ring Flight (Ring Flight Routine) by Scott Alexander
Stars Of Magic - New Edition
Stephen Hobbs Labyrinth (Standard Edition) by Kaufman and Company
Steranko On Cards
Stone Frixion Fire by Jeff Stone
Strange Ceremonies by Eugene Burger
Strong Magic - Ortiz
Subliminal Effects - Knepper
Subsequent Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer
Subtle Card Creations Volume 2 by Nick Trost
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost- Vol. 4
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost- Vol. 5
Subtle Miracles by Peter Dufffie
Sudden Death Gypsy Curse - Ron Bauer
Super Fly (Cards Across) Lecture Notes by Scott Alexander
Supermagic by Paul Harris
Swami Mantra
Switchboard Clipboard the Rising Card by Paul Romhany and Wayne Rogers
Sword Basket by Andrew Mayne
Sync by Fraser Parker
Syzygy by Lee Earle

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T-REX (Book&DVD) by Ran Pink
TEARable Sessions
Tangled Web - Eric Mead
Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 1
Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 2
Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 3
Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 4
Tarbell Course In Magic volume 5
Tarbell Course In Magic volume 6
Tarbell Course In Magic volume 7
Tarbell Course In Magic volume 8
Tarbell Course in Magic - KOREAN
Tearing A Lady in Two by David Britland
TelekiNefesch by Nefesch
Tequila Hustler by Mark Elsdon- Peter Turner- Colin McLeod and Michael Murray
Thats Magic - Richard Jones
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 1
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 2
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 3
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 4
The 80`s Called They Want Their Magic Book Back-Volume 1 by Jonathan Friedman
The Action Cop by Thomas Baxter
The Approach by Jamie D. Grant
The Art Of Deception - Chuck Romano
The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 2 by Lewis Ganson
The Art of Restaurant Gigs by Benji Bruce
The Art of Switching Decks by Roberto Giobbi and Hermetic Press
The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy VOL. 2
The Best of Spell Binder Collection one by Martin Breese
The Best of The Pentagram by Martin Breese
The Book That Doesnt Exist
The Briefcase Illusion by Paul Romhany
The Cardiste
The Cardwarp Tour by Jeff Pierce
The Cervon File by Bruce Cervon
The Classic Collection Vol. 5 by Harry Lorayne
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge
The Collection by Luca Volpe and Kenton Knepper
The Complete Al Leech by Al Leach
The Complete Encyclopedia of Close-Up Magic by Walter B. Gibson
The Complete Ganson Teach-In Series by Lewis Ganson
The Complete Professional Pickpocket
The Complete Walton Vol 2
The Complete Walton Vol l
The Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel by William P. Miesel
The Death Camp Magician by William V. Rauscher & Werner Reich
The Event Magician by JC Sum - Vol 2
The Event Magician by JC Sum Vol 1
The FFFF Book
The Gate (volume1) by Martin Adams
The Great Lyle by Edwin Dawes
The Lecture Compendium - Bernstein
The Magic Card by Etienne Pradier
The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz
The Magic in Books by Leo Behnke
The Nail Writer Anthology (Revised) by Thomas Baxter
The Nine of Diamonds by Vanishing Inc
The Notebook by Will Houstoun
The Opposite of People by Michael Feldman
The Peristance - Daniel Peris
The Professional Mentalists Field Manual by Richard Osterlind
The Real Deal (Survival Guide for Magicians) by Paul Romhany
The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking rings by Pete Biro
The Science Behind The Ghost - Jim Steinmeye
The Secret - Knepper
The Secret Books Of Devo Volume 1
The Secret Ingredients to Restaurant Magic by Chef Anton
The Secrets Of Dr. Tao by Docc Hilford
The Self-Working Project by Ryan Matney
The Sense of Wonder by Robert Neale
The Show Doctor by Jeff McBride
The Spiritual Stage by Roger Blakiston
The Theatrical Illusion Show by Duane Laflin
The Topit Book 2.0 by Michael Ammar
The Ultimate Headline Prediction by Devin Knight
The Ultimate Sphinx by The Conjuring Arts Research Center
The Unfolding by Paul Caranzzo
Think of a Card by Etienne Pradier
Thinking The Impossible by Ramon Rioboo
Thirteen Steps To Mentalism
This Is Not A Book - Neale
Thought Of Cards Across
Thread Reference
Three - Bruce Bernstein
Three Degrees by Harvey Berg
Three Shell Game Book
Tidbits and Touches by J Tank
Time Travel Manual by Josh Zander
Time Zone by John Vincent
Tipnician by Bob Chesbro
Titanas Magic Presents - 4E Illusion Design by Mark Parker
Too Hot For The Devil by Tom Gagnon
Tossing Broads by Tony Giorgio
Total Mentalism by Luca Volpe
Trade Show Secrets Revealed by Phil Kannen
Trans-Euro Express
Transparency- The Boris Wild Marked Deck Book by Boris Wild
Trevor Lewis Uncut
Trick Brain - Fitzkee
Tricks that Work (Jokes that Work) by Moses Silbemintz
Trio - Jack Kent Tillar
True Mysteries (DVD and Book) by Fraser Parker and 1914
True Mysteries 2 by Fraser Parker
Truly Subliminal by Kenton Knepper
Try The Impossible- Aronson
Tube - Jason Messina
Turn Magic Into Money by Chris Burton
Twelve Steps to Creative Magic by Joe Bruno

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Ultimate Marked Deck Companion Book
Ultra Mental Deck Book
Unconventional by Christopher Taylor
Uncovered (Secrets For The Serious Magician)
Unknown Forces by Devin Knight
Unreal - Bruce Bernstein
Up In Smoke Book
Up The Ante by Martyn Smith
Utopian Prediction And Other Mysteries
Utsukushii by Fraser Parker

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Variations Revisited by Earl Nelson
Verbal Magic - Juan Tamariz
Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3
Vernon Chronicles Vol 2 - More Lost Inner Secrets
Vernon Chronicles Vol 4 He Fooled Houdini
Versatile Card Magic Revisited By Simon
Very Modern Mindreader
Vis A Vis - Jack Avis
Visual Comedy
Vivify by Mark Parker
Voodoo Box Booklet
Vortex by Tom Stone

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WATCH DOG by John Taylor & Paul Romhany
Wax Fax
Way Out by Marc Oberon
Wayne Dobson and Friends
Wayne Dobson talks to Jay Fortune (2 CD Set)
What Lies Inside by Vanishing- Inc
Willard - A Life Under Canvas by David Charvet
Winning Numbers by Paul Romhany
Wisdom Of Solomon
Wise Guy by Harry Anderson
Wizard Academy by Mr. Mysto and John Carney
Working The Tables by David Drake
Working With Genius by David Hemingway
World Famous Bowl Routine by Lance Pierce
World of Knives by Arturo de Ascanio
World`s Most Famous Unknown Magician and Ventriloquist by Bob Carroll
Worlds Beyond by Paul Curry

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X Rated
X-Ray by Ben Harris

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Yedid`s Incredible Close-up book
Your Host For Tonight - Colombini
Your mind is my playground by Vincent Hedan

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Zoo Magic

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