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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 10 - January 21st 2015
In this issue:
Leo Smester`s Three Shell Game &
Harmonica Chop Cup

Two professional props from a professional magician. There seems to be something about Leo Smester, something in his demeanor, that gives you a sense that he knows what he is doing. I got that same feeling when I first meet Chris Kenner.

Over the last year or so, Leo has put out a number of products for the magic community. On a cursory glance, they all seem to be of high standards and well thought out. Here are two of my favorites.

Three Shell Game
How good a trick is the three shell trick? Bob Kohlar told me it was so strong, he would open up his trade show act with it. Just taking out the props would help build a crowd. Bob Sheets has spent the last 25 years studying and innovating this trick. For those of you who perform it already know how powerful it is.

Bob Sheets now uses bottle caps to perform the three shell trick, it gives it that street look. He may change his mind to Leo`s caps once he see`s them. I have.

Leo`s Three Shell Game consists of three highly polished stainless steel caps that have a really good weight to them. The weight of the caps allows you to perform the moves used in the three shell trick effortlessly and without fumbling.

The coolest thing Leo did was create a customized container that holds the three caps and peas. It is designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. All I can say is CLASS. Even the rubberized grip around the tops of the caps show the thought put into the props.

I know that the cost of the Three Shell Game will be prohibitive to some of the readers of this column. All I can say is, in this case, you get what you pay for. A professional prop that will last a lifetime. A manufacturing masterpiece!

Three Shell Game

Harmonica Chop Cup (Silicon)
When I was a kid I was in the Boy Scouts. Yes, I`m that uncool. A camping item I had was a telescoping cup that would fold flat for easy packing. Leo has gimmicked a similar type cup, creating a very portable chop cup.

This is a chop cup that folds flat, so flat it easily fits in your pocket or close-up case. If you do walk-around magic, or have limited space in your close-up case, this chop cup is for you.

It has a unique shape when expanded, looking more like a tapered cone than a cup. But it works perfectly as a chop cup. It is also visually interesting when you expand and flatten the cup. I performed it this Tuesday at my restaurant after doing balloons at the tables, and it worked perfectly.

Packs small, plays big, perfect.

Harmonica Chop Cup