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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 11 - January 28th 2015
In this issue:
Perfect by Mark Mason

Mark Mason is the undisputed top magic demonstrator in the country/ world. To watch him in action is seeing a master craftsman at work. Because Mark has such a force of personality, as well as being a skillful demonstrator, he can take a less than powerful trick and turn it into a miracle. It was with a little reluctance that I picked Perfect sight unseen as a review item. The reason I chose Mark`s trick as a potential review item is that I was somewhat fooled by the online demo of Perfect. After thirty years in magic, this happens very infrequently. So it was with a little excitement that checked out the props and watched the teaching DVD.

Essentially what Mark has come up with is a unique way to force a card, using a method I have never seen before. It is exceptional clean, as well as being easy to do. If you watch the online demo, which I highly recommend you do, you will be able to see just how clean this trick is. And it will look exactly the same for you when you perform this trick. Mark performs it as a matching effect. He lays a mystery card on the table, for example the four of diamonds. He then tells a spectator to stop him anywhere as he deals cards one at a time onto the table. The spectator stops the dealing at the one mate in the deck, in this example the four of hearts.

There is nothing wrong with Mark`s presentation, but I found I got a better reaction by introducing an odd back card. I tell the audience it was my grandfather`s lucky card, an affect I achieved by rubbing brown shoe polish on a card. A spectator stops my dealing at a single card, which surprisingly matches my grandfather`s lucky card. Can you perform this trick with a regular deck and the classic force? Yes. But, no matter how proficient you are with the classic force, it will not match the freeness of the force using Mark`s Perfect. Which makes this simply, perfect .
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