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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 13 - February 11th 2015
In this issue:
Ball Thru Hand by Viking Magic reviewed by Jon Jensen

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Howard`s Pick

Howard Katz is the proprietor of The Magic Warehouse. As chief bottle washer, he sees hundreds of tricks come across his desk: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every once in a while one trick really stands out. For the last couple of months Howard has asked me to check out Ball Through Hand, made by Viking.

Viking is known in the industry for producing high quality magic, which they have been doing for years. You can see their high standards in every trick they produce. The Ball Through Hand is one of their best.

The effect is simple. A solid steel ball is placed into a brass cup. A plunger is pushed into the cup. When the plunger is lifted, the cup is empty. The ball has vanished. Immediately everything can be examined.

You have several performance options when performing this trick. You can simply cause the ball to vanish. You can do a penetration where the ball falls through your hand, hence the name of the trick. You can also use the prop as a teleportation device where the ball ends up at a different location, a performance that children really enjoy.

The real strength of this trick is that all of the props can be examined at the end of the performance. There is absolutely no clue to where the ball disappears. This has been accomplished by the clever manufacturing by Viking. As they examine the props, you can see the complete astonishment on the spectator`s faces as they try to figure out where the ball went.

Viking is a relatively small company that produces their tricks in small batches, which means they are sometimes difficult to acquire. The Magic Warehouse was recently able to get five of the Ball Through Hand, and they will go fast. If you want to get this precision manufactured item, you do not want to wait.

Performance Tip:
In playing with the prop I discovered that you can use gum balls instead of the metal ball. Yesterday at my Tuesday gig, I was having children pick the color gum ball that wanted to use in the trick, causing it to vanish from the cup, and appearing in my other hand. It was the trick every table was talking about all night.

I think Mr. Katz has picked the purrrr-fect trick.