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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 17 - March 11th 2015
In this issue:
Theatre Effects Fire Wallet reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

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It`s interesting to me how some of our favorite tricks enter our lives. Seeing a performer do it, a review in a magic magazine, maybe youtube. I became interested in fire wallets when a bartender at one of the restaurants I do balloons, raved about a magician who had recently visited. All she could talk about was flames coming out of his wallet. Of all the tricks he had performed, this was the most memorable.

That was two years ago and I`ve used a fire wallet ever since. For this review article, over the last week I have tested every fire wallet on the market with the help of Howard Katz here at The Magic Warehouse. There were several varieties, but one stood out above and beyond all the others, by far.

Theatre Effect`s Fire Wallet was my favorite, and the one that I now use. The construction is first rate. It also utilizes a spring flap that allows you to extinguish the flames and display the inside the wallet, without having to first close the wallet. This function makes the fire wallet very deceptive and visual.

If you are looking for a fire wallet, I think you should seriously consider this one.

Performance Tips:
I utilize the fire wallet in three ways.

1. If someone asks me for a business card, I tell them it is in my wallet. I open the wallet and flames shoot out. The flames vanish and I take out one of my business cards and hand it out, warning them that it is still a little hot. Trust me, they will remember you.

2. I have a duplicate playing card in my fire wallet. I force a card from a deck of cards by my favorite method. Double undercut it to the top of the deck, then show that their card has vanished by fanning out the faces of the cards and simply keep their card hidden underneath the fan. Open up the fire wallet, fire shoots out, then take out their chosen card. Do not underestimate the power of this simple, but very effective trick.

3. Go up to a fast food restaurant and order. Take out the fire wallet, open it, and pretend not to notice that flames are coming out of it. Try this just once and you will see what fun it is.