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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 15 - February 25th 2015
In this issue:
Split Second by Nicholas Lawrence reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

Nicholas Lawrence`s Split Second

One of the best ways to begin a card set.

I watch a lot of lectures, which is now easy because of the online lecture series which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. One of the most frequent questions asked to professional magicians is how they approach a table or begin their performance.

This is a legitimate question, as it may seem daunting to most on beginning a magic performance, especially to strangers. The consensus opinion is to do something quick and visual. You want to demonstrate your abilities as a magician as quickly as possible. For this reason I can think of no better trick to perform, than Split Second.

The effect is simple. You display a dollar bill. In less than a second it changes to a deck of cards. You then open the box and take out a regular deck. In the time it takes you to snap your fingers, you have proven yourself as a real magician.

The gimmick is very clever and will take you a couple of minutes to put together the trick. But once assembled, it will last you hundreds of performances.

The handling in performing the trick is very simple to do and after a few minutes of practice, you will have no problems performing this in the real world. I have been performing it for about a month at the bar and it gets a shocked response after every performance. Regulars are now bringing in their friends to see "the dollar bill trick."

Performance Tips:

1. In the instructions they teach you how to take the bill out of your wallet before performing the trick. This is very clever, especially if you combine the performance with card in wallet where their signed card ends up in the same wallet.

However, I usually perform this trick without using a wallet as there is less fumbling or chance to flash the gimmick to the audience.

2. Speaking of flashing, when practicing the trick be aware that if you are not careful you will expose the gimmick during the performance. This is easily eliminated if you slightly turn your body to the right and keep the bill tilted downward until the transformation. You will see what I mean if you practice in front of a mirror a couple of times.

This is not only a visual trick, it is fun to perform. It also has great impact on your audience.