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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 19 - March 25th 2015
In this issue:
Silver/Copper/Brass Transposition reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

Johnson`s Silver/Copper/Brass Transposition
In these magic reviews each week, my goal is to find the best magic tricks that work in the real world. New tricks come out each week, hyped by their manufacturers as the next best thing, and it is sometimes tough to pick the wheat from the chaff. That is why I personally test every trick from this column in front of real audiences.

One of Howard`s, the braintrust behind The Magic Warehouse, favorite tricks to perform in the real world is the silver/copper/brass transposition. He has it with him all the time. Anytime we go out to lunch, it is inevitable that he will show this trick to the waitress, and it always gets a great reaction.

Several manufacturers produce the silver/copper/brass transposition, so over the last few weeks, with Howard`s help, I have tested every version. The model that was hands down by far the best was the one manufactured by Johnson.

Johnson manufacturers rocket parts. As a sideline they also produce top quality coin tricks. Because their main source of income is rocket parts, they produce their coin trick line sporadically and are sometimes hard to get. Before the release of this review, Howard was able to get 10 Silver/ copper/brass transposition in stock, but they will definitely go quick. Johnson`s version is obviously a high quality product, but what sets it apart is their Chinese coin. The other companies that manufacture a version of this trick, produce a coin that looks like a flat washer. Johnson`s looks like a real Chinese coin.

The precision manufacturing by Johnson also allows you to perform this trick smoothly and without worry. A real joy to perform with. The silver/copper/brass transposition is a classic of magic, performed by some of the greats in magic including Bob Sheets, Doc Eason, and Howard Katz. If you are looking for a real miracle you can carry in your pocket, I can think of none better than this trick. Get it while it is in stock. These sell out frequently.