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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 2 - November 26th 2014
In this issue:
Chris Randall`s Inception reviewed by Jon Jensen

Over the last 25 years I have tried practically every version of the bill in lemon trick that was available. I`ve switched corners, scrapped off the last digits of consecutive serial numbers of dollar bills, as well as Steve Spill`s ingenious version which I learned, as most did, on one of Doc Eason`s L&L videos. Each of them had their merits, but they also had their shortcomings which made for a less then perfect performance.

Then I purchased Chris Randall`s DVD Inception at full price against the advise of a magic friend who had other Chris Randall DVD`s and had so far not been impressed. In this DVD I had found the holy grail for the perfect execution of the bill in lemon. For me, as a working professional, it is as Michael Close would say, a real worker.

It is easy to perform, easy to set up, and plays big. I can perform it for one person or hundreds with equal effect and Chris has worked out every nuance to maximize the strength of it`s performance.

One of the points that Chris makes is that it is important for the bill to be signed by the spectator and I agree with him 100%. The power of the effect where you pull out their signed bill from the center of the lemon is indescribable. There is no other trick that can follow such a performance. Chis is essentially doing a version of Steve Spill`s handling, but he has built into the routine important misdirection which allows you to load the bill into the lemon right in front of the audience with no suspicion. You can tell he has honed this routine by performing it thousands of times and his performance tips are invaluable.

I now perform this version of bill in lemon at least two or three times a night while I am bartending and it simply kills. I also perform it at my family shows and even my kid shows where I have the birthday child borrow a bill from one of his parents, priceless, and is a highlight in my act and something the child will remember for a long time.

Performance Tips:

1. Don`t rush the loading of the bill when you put it into the lemon during the performance. The misdirection Chis shares means there is no heat on you at the time you are doing the dirty deed.

2. Chris uses a Sharpie pen to help facilitate the trick and takes it out of the Crown Royal bag while making a joke that it is sharp. From my experience this is wrong as it brings undue attention to the bag and it`s contents. I simply take the pen out of the bag and set it on the table or in a pocket. It is never questioned or even noticed by the audience.

In conclusion I want to emphasize the strength of this one trick. When I meet patrons from the bar or an audience member from my family shows in the real world such as while shopping at Walmart and they are with friends, they inevitably introduce me as the magician who put their bill inside of a lemon. Of all the tricks I perform, this is the one they remember.

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