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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 20 - April 1st 2015
In this issue:
Card In Wallet reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

What is the best card in wallet for you?

Howard tells me that one of the most frequently asked questions at The Magic Warehouse, is what is the best card in wallet on the market. This is a tough question to answer because there are so many variations. The best card in wallet for me, may not work for you.
To give you a more rounded review I went to my magic friends and asked what their favorite card in wallet is, and why. To me the more important question is the second.

Here were the favorites:

Mullica Wallet:
For myself, the best card in wallet is the Mullica Wallet, which I`ve been using for over 25 years. The Mullica Wallet, created by the great Tom Mullica, is a no palm card in wallet, where the signed spectator`s card ends up in the inside wallet of a two wallet set. After a short ambitious card routine, the spectator`s signed card ends up inside the inner wallet of a wallet that has been on the table the entire time. Because of Tom`s ingenious thinking, you are able to do this in a clean easy to do manner, with no fumbling or palming. For me the best Mullica Wallet on the market is manufactured by Heinz Minten. The wallet is the perfect size and is of the highest quality, and as a bonus you are taught by the great Tom Mullica himself.

PropDog`s EZ Wallet
Jeff is a world class close-up magician in the Baltimore area. He is a consummate professional and takes great pride in the magic he does. Jeff performs excellent sleight-of-hand and prefers the standard palmed card in wallet.

Of all of the versions of card in wallet, this is the simplest in effect. A signed card ends up in your wallet that is in your inner jacket pocket. To accomplish this miracle you must be willing to do a card palm, which sends shivers down the spine of most magicians.
When asked, Jeff says his preferred wallet is the EZ wallet made by Jerry O`Connell and now produced by PropDog. It comes in two sizes, Jeff uses the large one but said both are easy to use.
He did point out that there are two different wallets of this type, The Balducci which uses a slide, and the PropDog which uses a different way to load the card. He said both are equally efficient in use, but wanted to make the point to our readers.

Mesika Wallet:
Peter is one of the demonstrators at The Magic Warehouse. He is also a professional, known mainly for his stage work, but he also does corporate walk-around magic. He told me he has his Mesika Wallet with him at all times.
This card wallet is different from others in that the spectator`s card ends up in the wallet, folded in fourths. This not only makes it easier to palm and load the card, but Peter says that there is a sense of anticipation as he unfolds the card.
He says that he uses this wallet because it looks like a standard hip wallet. It is also practical indestructible. In fact, he uses it as his regular wallet, yet at a moments notice he can perform a miracle.

F-1 Wallet:
Greg is the other demonstrator at The Magic Warehouse. His favorite wallet is the F-1 by Alakazam. This is a no palm card in wallet that utilizes a clever principle to load the wallet.
Greg is an excellent close-up magician, specializing in card tricks. He is very selective in the tricks that he performs, and the F-1 wallet is one of his go to tricks.
It does utilize a gimmick that must be placed into the deck before hand, but it allows you to be able to load the wallet in less than a second. I hope I have been able to demystify the card in wallet and the various models available. As always, if you have any questions please e-mail me.