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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 21 - April 8th 2015
In this issue:
Gonzo reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

There has been a lot of hype on this brand new trick. I am not quick to jump on the hype bandwagon, but something about this trick intrigued me. As I mentioned in an earlier review, one of my favorite tricks is the Raven. I wanted to know how this compared, and if it was worth the investment. Jose Lac`Quest has devised a hold out that can be used with your shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Like most hold outs, it can be used to visually vanish and produce items. Unlike most hold outs, there is very little set up as the devise is pretty much self contained.

This is a very unique hold out, unlike anything I have ever seen. When you first open the very cool leather bag that is provided, you will discover the gimmick which will create more questions than answers. After watching the DVD, it will become obvious how devious and well thought out this method is.

I, of course, can not give away the secret to Jose`s devise. I can only say that it is a hold out (a devise, usually a pull, that causes items to vanish up the sleeve) that stays hidden until you need it, than easily retrieved. With this device, you can cause items to visually vanish, show both hands empty, than cause the item to reappear. There are many ideas on the DVD for it`s use.

The trick is best performed while standing, with the spectators also standing. There are some angle restrictions and it should be performed for small groups standing directly in front of you.

Gonzo, when performed correctly, is one of those tricks that creates a miracle moment for you audience. Simply, it looks like real magic. An item vanishes with a simple wave of your hand, then both hands are shown completely empty.

As I said, there are some angle restrictions. But, it is the easiest hold out I have encountered to use. With very little practice you will be performing miracles.

Highly recommended. Gonzo