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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 21 - April 8th 2015
In this issue:
Automata reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

I`m a big fan of Gary Jones and Chris Congreave, a pair of professional magicians from England, who sporadically produce high quality products together, usually with a theme. Many of the tricks on their DVD projects come directly from their own professional shows so you know they are perfect for the real world.

Automata is a DVD with nine self working tricks, a popular theme in magic. All of the tricks require minimum practice, yet produce a big effect. I am not afraid of sleight of hand, but I enjoy tricks where I can concentrate on the performance. I found merit for all nine tricks, and you could perform any of them for your friends, or in a professional show, and get a great reaction.

I chose one of the tricks on the DVD, the fireball cups and balls, to perform at the bar last week. It is done with three small cups and three pieces of paper rolled into small balls. After a series of tricks where the balls penetrate through the bottom of the cups, the three cups are stacked and the three balls are placed on top. Using a lighter, the balls vanish with a bright light. An object of your choice is produced from under the stacked cups. Gary produces a shallot, which has a special meaning in England, I`ll explain my final load in a second.

On the DVD Gary uses three small metal cups which are not easy to find. However, at Walmart I found mini red cups that are perfect for this routine. For the final load I wanted to use red fireball candy which were not as easy to find as I first thought. Instead, I used sour cherry ball candy and simply misnamed it fireball candy at it`s revelation.

Gary Jones`s routine is diabolical as you do not have to palm in the final load during the routine. Also, the use of flash paper always increases the impact of a trick, and in this case it is particularly true.

This trick packs small, plays big, and will stun your audience. Plus you get eight other great tricks to play with. Automata