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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 24 - April 29th 2015
In this issue:
Wayne Dobson's 3 Choice reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

I`m a big fan of Eugene Burger. One of the thing I like most is that I feel he has found the perfect performing persona for himself, which is a natural extension of his personality. He also finds intriguing hooks, or themes, for the tricks he performs. This can turn a simple trick into something much more memorable. I believe I have found an interesting hook for this review item.

I was fooled the first time I saw Wayne Dobson`s 3 Choice. The effect is simple, three objects are displayed inside a wallet. While the performer`s back is turned, a spectator takes out the three objects and places them in three different pockets. The performer can then name which object is in which pocket.

The secret is also simple, as most great tricks are. Wayne`s methodology is brilliant. I have performed this trick over a hundred times and it never fails to get gasps.

Through repetitive performances I`ve discovered a hook that I feel strengthens this effect. At the beginning of this trick I ask the spectator if he wants a chance to win a million dollars. I open the wallet and show a dollar bill, a five dollar bill, and an unscratched lottery ticket. I explain that the lottery ticket could be worth up to a million dollars, which gets a laugh. I then perform the trick, saying that if I don't correctly name which pocket the three items are, they get to keep all three. This greatly increases the interest by the spectator`s in the outcome of the trick. This is a trick that packs small and plays big. I`ve had equal success performing it for one person, or a room full of drunks at the bar. Wayne Dobson`s genius is very apparent in this trick.