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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 26 - May 20th 2015
In this issue:
Stephan Bargatze`s I Hate Card Tricks reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

The reason I started this review column was that I felt there was a real need to test tricks in the real world and see how they do. I still believe this to be true. I chose Stephen Bargetze`s I Hate Card Tricks for this weeks trick, and I honestly felt the performances in the real world could have gone either way.

This is a card trick Stephen has been doing for many years to fool magicians at conventions. A card is thought of by a spectator and revealed to be the only card in a blank deck. I, in fact, was fooled when I watched the performance on the DVD. I believed it would fool magicians, but I wanted to see how it played in the real world.

For the last two weeks I have performed this trick dozens of time at the bar. It completely fooled everyone I showed it to at the bar, even the regulars were completely blown away.

When I revealed the kicker ending, you could literally see mouths drop open.

Stephen is a hilarious guy who knows how to add humor to strengthen a trick. This is especially true for this trick. What would be a boring trick, Stephen has developed a premise that keeps the audience`s attention. The super killer finale, will make this a trick your spectators will talk about for a long time.

Whether you are doing a close-up show, or performing for friends, I highly recommend this trick. This is the one card trick they will love.