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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 26 - May 20th 2015
In this issue:
Perfect Score by Jon Allen reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

Jon Allen`s Perfect Score

Card in impossible location is a very strong trick, proof of this is that almost every professional magician does some version of it. John Kennedy`s Mystery Box was an overnight sensation and is now a modern classic. It has spawned many variations, many of which are very good. Most of these tricks require you to do a mercury card fold, secretly folding a card in fourths, and many of the tricks require the fold to be almost perfect so that the selected card matches a duplicate card. The mercury card fold is not a difficult sleight to perform with practice, but even a seasoned professional will have a hard time doing it perfectly every time. Jon has invented a device that allows you to score the back of the card. The scoring of the card allows it to be folded quickly and perfectly every time.

This inexpensive device is very clever and I cannot give it a higher recommendation.

I use Jon`s gadget to score the backs of an entire deck of cards. I can then fan the cards out, face-up, and have any card selected and signed. Keeping the deck face up, I control the card to the bottom of the deck as I ask the spectator to place the cap back on the pen. I then proceed with the trick.

If you have any card to impossible location tricks that require a mercury card fold, give Jon Allen`s Perfect score a try.