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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 28 - JUne 3rd 2015
In this issue:
Reboxed by Steve Bedwell reviewed by Jon Jensen

Real World Reviews

A modern classic trick. repackaged, Reboxed. Steve Bedwell is a very funny performer who makes his living in the real world. He is also a golden cups winning magician, which means he thinks deeply about the magic he performs.

He has not released any new magic tricks to the magic community lately, which probably means that he is busy performing, but Mark Mason has recently repackaged Steve`s Reboxed trick, including a DVD this time around.

The effect is quick and simple. A deck of cards is taken from their case. You then cause the cards to visually penetrate the bottom of the case. This is visual magic which must be seen to be appreciated, so I highly recommend you watch the video trailer.

I have been performing Reboxed for years, having bought it at one of Steve`s lectures. It came with a printed set of instructions, and though the trick is easy to perform, it`s Steve`s timing and handling that really sells the trick. That makes the inclusion of the DVD very helpful.

Unlike a lot of visual tricks, this one does not depend on sleight of hand to accomplish the effect. Anyone can learn it after just a little practice. If you are looking for visual magic to open up a card set, I cannot give this a higher recommendation. A+