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Issue 3 - December 3rd 2014
In this issue:
Oscar Munoz Live (2 DVD Set) by Kozmomagic reviewed by Jon Jensen

Many years ago when I lived in Las Vegas, I was lucky enough to be friends with Bob Kohler. Because of this friendship, I was in the audience during the filming of Steve Bedwell's video, M.D. Not required, which is absolutely great. On this DVD, Steve teaches his version of the balloon swallowing trick. I learned the trick at that time and have since performed it literally hundreds of times to great affect.

Even though I highly recommend Steve's DVD, this is a review of Oscar Munoz's Live DVD. The reason for this is that even though I had performed the balloon swallowing trick numerous times, and thought I had perfected it, Oscar taught a method for gimmicking the balloon which made the performance easier as well as virtually surefire.

The technique for the original version of the balloon swallow is easy enough, with the minor exception that I found it necessary to blow up the balloon to a near precise size. Too much air and the balloon will break or prematurely deflate, too little air and it is difficult to do the inversion process of the balloon, which is necessary so that you do not have a long soggy uninflated ballon at the conclusion of the performance. You will have to watch the DVD to understand what I'm talking about.

I don't want to give away Oscar's secret, but what he discovered is a better location for gimmicking the balloon. This not only helps facilitate the above said 'inversion process,' but also allows a more flexible inflation of the balloon, as well as allowing you to mouth inflate the balloon if you can. Both of these reasons allow for a less stressful performance.

Performance Tips
1. I usually perform this trick when I am bartending, the few times I street perform, and when I'm doing house parties where there are mainly adults in the audience. I will perform this trick if there are children present, but have made a conscience decision not to perform it at my children's shows for what I feel are obvious reasons.

2. This is a big visual trick and I feel it is best done slowly but with exaggerated motions. I usually perform this trick with a spectator helping. I blow up a balloon for him as well as one for me, then ask him to copy my actions. There will be a lot of humor, no matter what this spectator does, as you proceed to swallow your balloon.

3. I gimmick all of the balloons of one color in a multi color bag; this way I have spares in case of poppage and I can also quickly and easily pick out a gimmicked balloon from the bag during performance. I highly recommend a good quality balloon. If the balloon is transparent it probably is not the best choice for this trick.

You know that this trick is a worker by the number of professionals who perform it, and I personally can attest that it never fails to get an overwhelming response. If you want to learn the best method for the balloon swallowing trick, get Oscar Munoz's Live DVD.

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