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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 5 - December 17th 2014
In this issue:
Quarter Squeeze reviewed by Jon Jensen

I remember when Quarter Squeeze first came on the market, and it quickly became a favorite demo item at my magic shop in Las Vegas. It has now become a classic magic trick along side Scotch and Soda, Svengali Deck, and Thumb Tip. At The Magic Warehouse it is one of the more popular demo tricks, and never fails to fool. You know it is a quality trick when people are willing to give up their hard earned money to purchase it.

Quarter Squeeze is a technical marvel made up of two tubes, and a solid brass plug which is placed between them. Four borrowed quarters penetrate the plug, one at a time, under impossible conditions. I highly recommend you watch the demo video online.

The pieces of the trick can be fully examined before and after the performance, nothing will be found that will explain how the trick is done, yet the prop does all the work for you. After a couple of minutes practice, you will appear to have real sleight of hand skills.

Besides the precision made props, you also receive a DVD with the illustrious Simon Lovell teaching you the inside scoop on the best way to perform the trick. Simon is a real pro and knows a winner when he sees one. When a magician of Simon`s stature chooses an effect to add to his repertory, you know it must be good.

I cannot give this trick a higher recommendation. It is a real winner.

I Keep the props and quarters in a coin purse for easy travel. You can borrow the quarters, but I find it is easier to use my own and have them examined.

Real World Review Special:
We have made a special deal with our distributor and have received a limited number of Quarter Squeezes at a discount and we are passing the savings onto you. Normally $19.95, you can get this reputation making trick for only $12.95 while supplies last. You do not want to miss out on this one.