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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 6 - December 24th 2014
In this issue:
Poor Man`s Casino by Mathieu Bich reviewed by Jon Jensen

As a professional magician, I am always looking for the perfect way to force a card. for example, I could use sleight-of-hand and do a classic force. Easier options would be the criss-cross force or riffle force. There are also hundreds of gimmicked decks designed for this purpose to choose from.

Mathew Bich has come up with a unique way to force a card, and I have fallen in love with it. It is super easy to do, yet appears impossible to an audience.

The procedure is simple, but sounds complicated on paper. A card case is examined, and is ordinary except for a hole cut in one side. The cards are shuffled and placed into the card case, the faces of the cards next to the hole.

One at a time, the cards are taken from the bottom of the deck, much like a gambling shoe is used at casinos. The audience can see the bottom card changing through the hole in the card case, as each card is taken out. At any time a spectator can stop the dealing. The next bottom card of the deck is their card, and your force card. The entire process is exceedingly fair.

When I watched the online demo video, I had no idea how the force was accomplished. This is far easier and better than anything I could have come up with. It is the perfect way to force a card, especially when a card has to be forced under the scrutiny of the audience.

Here are a few reasons I love this trick.

1. It is easy to do. No sleight-of hand, or difficult fumbling of any kind.

2. The spectator can stop you at any point. No timing force.

3. It uses 52 different cards. With a little handling, you can continue your performance with your favorite card tricks utilizing an ordinary deck.

4. The bottom card is seen to change through the hole in the card case. This is one of the reasons this card force is so strong.

5. There is a gimmick involved, but there is no suspicion of it in any way during the performance of the trick.

6. Everything, with a little audience management, can be examined before and afterwards.

Performance Tips:

1. I do not perform the trick as explained in Mathew`s booklet and in his performance video. It just doesn`t work for me. Instead, I use it to force a card which matches a prediction that has been sitting on the table the entire time. I also perform it to match a mate from the deck.

2. I set the gimmick as the card case is being examined. It takes just a second; and with a little practice, you can do it without any fumbling.

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