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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 8 - January 7th 2015
In this issue:
Bag4Life by Mark Bendell reviewed by Jon Jensen

Eugene Burger, in a recent lecture, said that the number of tricks he professionally performs is only 32. In fact, he opened up his notebook and showed were his list was neatly written within. I perform about twenty tricks on a regular basis, but I will bring in a new trick each week to show the regulars. Every once in a while the new trick will become so popular, or fun to perform, that it will make the list.

Bag4Life is one of those tricks. I do not perform many coin tricks, for no particular reason. However, Mark`s trick has quickly become one of my favorite go to effects.

The effect is subtle and unique. Two coins are seen in a small plastic Ziplock bag, a quarter and a penny. One of the coins is named, and it is cleanly pulled through the bottom of the bag. Everything can then be examined. You will want to check out the demo video, it looks in person exactly as seen on the video.

It has everything I like in a trick. Bag4Life is quick, visual, and self contained. And, as most professionals are looking for, it packs small and plays big. A real worker, as Mike Close would say.

Like 3Fly, the trick is performed at chest level. This is important for many reasons, but manly it allows you to perform it for a larger number of people, compared with coin tricks done on a close-up mat.

Bag4Life cannot get a higher recommendation from me.